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Ranch Sim How to Make Money Fast

by Kegan Mooney
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Ranch Sim is the latest game from veteran simulation game publishers Excalibur Games, as per many sim games, you start off with your late grandfather’s ranch which is a mess and you have little money to fix it up, so it’s time to make some money fast and fix it.

There are a couple of ways to make money and of course, some are quicker and more efficient than other methods, but as with many of these games, you can opt for a quick fix of money, or to invest and make regular money from the ranch but at a slow and steady rate.

Go Hunting to Make Money Fast

This might not be the easiest method when starting out the game, as bears tend to not be overly keen on being killed, they tend to put up a fight, but if you make sure you have enough ammunition and are able to take them out safely, their meat and pelt will bring in a fair profit.

If you have money left over after completing the incredibly detailed tutorial at the start of the game, go over to the store and make sure to purchase some ammunition for your weapon which your Grandfather left for you as the last thing you want is to run out with a 600 lbs bear charging towards you.

Once you have the ammo, head on down to the south of the map and start hunting, stock your truck up with as much meat and felt as possible, and head back over to the shop to collect your cash.

Safe Options to Make Money

If you don’t want to take on a bear straight away there are a couple of safer methods, but they are nowhere near as lucrative, but in most cases will at least offer regular income which will eventually require less effort from you.

1. Purchase Chickens and Sell Eggs

Ranch sim make money

Firstly, chop down a load of trees on your ranch and move all the logs down to the sawmill, if you keep pushing logs through the wood saw it will push planks on to the floor and make a pile.

Ranch Sim Saw Mill Make Money

Put all those newly created planks onto a truck and drive them over to the shop, the profit is tiny, but stack up the truck as high as you can, and you will get enough money to buy a fair few chickens.

Buy as many chickens as you can and make sure you have a chicken coop at the ranch, they will lay eggs each day, which can be sold at the shop, it might not be a massive amount of cash, but it’s regular and will build up if you keep buying more chickens.

Just make sure to buy food for your chickens and keep the coop stocked up with water, if you have done the tutorial, you should already have a bucket and water tank, keep it stocked up and make sure that the chickens are well stocked.

2. Sell Meat from Pigs

Selling meat is one of the best ways to make money in Ranch Sim. Pigs cost $300 per pig and are extremely easy to keep. You’ll need to build a barn with a silo upgrade to store your pigs safely. Once you’ve purchased a pig, or more if you can afford it, you’ll need to wait ten in-game days.

Once your pigs are well-fed, they’ll be ready to sell. You can transport them in a vehicle, take them to the general store, then kill them. No, it’s not a nice process, but it’s a necessary one! Once you’ve killed your pigs, skin them and sell the meat for anywhere between $600-700. You can then purchase more pigs in Ranch Sim to keep making money and doubling your profits.

3. Sell Milk from Cows

Cows cost $650 and are a fantastic way to make money once you have enough to purchase them. You’ll need a barn to keep your cows in, as well as cubicles inside the barn for them to live in. Each cubicle will require a feeding trough. Cows are easy to keep and produce milk that you can sell.

You’ll need to obtain a milk can and a steel bucket, then place the bucket underneath the cow to milk it. Press “A” and “D” in the order Ranch Sim tells you to then put the milk into the can. Cows can be milked from 08:00 until 20:00 each day.


Whilst Ranch Sim isn’t the most difficult game out there, it’s pretty difficult learning how to make money fast when you start out. But with a little bit of wood farming and egg collecting to give you that initial push, it soon becomes easier.

Most games these days tend to feel like a chore doing resource farming, which can quickly lead to the game losing its appeal, there is something about Ranch Sim that makes gathering and making money fun, it’s ironic that a game that focuses on a real-life profession, doesn’t feel like work, it feels enjoyable.

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