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Raft Antenna Placement

by Georgie Peru
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Are you receiving the “wrong altitude” error when placing antennas in Raft? If you’re wondering how to place your Raft antennas correctly, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll show you how high to place the antennas and receiver, saving you from building a monstrous tower that doesn’t resolve the issue.

For a quick overview of how to fix the Raft wrong altitude issue, here’s how to do it:

  1. Place 3 antennas and 1 receiver at least two blocks high
  2. Place your antennas at least 3 blocks apart from each other
  3. A green light will show at the top of the antennas to indicate you’ve done it correctly

The Problem

Creating the receiver in Raft is quite an accomplishment. You’ll need to research the Blueprint: Receiver at the Research table then place three antennas down.

However, most players place the antennas then find they’re receiving a notification saying “wrong altitude”. Naturally, you’d think placing the antennas higher up on your raft will resolve the issue.

Image Source: Ꝑꝏﬨ Ꞇḫꬴ ﻝꞓꞷ via Steam

However, placing the antenna as high as you possible can won’t resolve the issue.

The Solution

First, you’ll need to make sure you place your Raft antennas around two blocks high. If you have an upper level to your Raft, this is a good option.

Next, you need to place your antennas at least three blocks apart from each other. Ideally, a 7×4 second floor is a perfect solution to your “antenna wrong altitude” problem.

You will need to place the receiver on the same floor as the 3 antennas. Once the placement is correct, you’ll see a green light appear above the antennas.

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