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ark taming review

Top 6 Best Ark Mods

When running a server, one of the most frustrating questions is what are the best Ark mods to use on your new server. We have already taken a look specifically at building mods in our last post and si...

Ark versus Atlas

Ark vs Atlas: How do the games compare?

Atlas is a pirate MMO with the ability to host up to 40,000 players at any given time. Considering it’s enormous capabilities, how does it fair against Studio Wildcard’s release of Ark. Du...

Ark Survival Evolved Genesis

Ark Genesis Expansions Coming Soon

Following on from the recent Ark countdown, we now have information about Studio Wildcard’s recent announcement. It’s been revealed that Ark Genesis is their upcoming expansion. We now kno...

ark count

Ark Countdown Reveals Latest Ark DLC

The Ark countdown that recently appeared has just under 3 hours now before the new announcement is made. You can see the live count down from here: https://survivetheark.com/g/ There has been plenty o...

Ark Valguero console

Ark valguero on console

Ark valguero is just about to be released on console, and from what we have seen of the new map on the PC version of Ark: Survival evolved we can tell both PS4 and Xbox One users they are in for a tre...

survival evolved valguero

Ark Survival Evolved Valguero

Ark Survival Evolved: I recently stated that there will be no further Ark DLC’s released and as a result sparked some deputes on this in the forums. I personally still find it hard to call this ...

8.1 Great
ark bambi guide

Ark: Survival Evolved – Bambi guide

Ark Beginners guide: If you are a veteran Ark: Survival Evolved player, this guide isn’t for you. This is for players who have been thrown into the deepest depths of the island, surround with di...

ark mod contest

Ark: Mod Contest 2019

Studio Wildcard – the mastermind behind Ark – have just announced their 2019 Ark Mod Contest. This year they have split the contest into two parts: Mod contest – With the winner taki...

ark game review

Ark: Survival Evolved Review

Ark: Survival Evolved Review The Ark Survival Evolved review is one I have been looking forward to, although Ark does have flaws, it’s still one of my favorite survival games to date. Many of yo...

7.5 Good
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