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tropico 5 dlc console news

Tropico 5: All DLCs (Xbox & PS4)

Tropico 5 complete collection: Tropico 5 has seen 10 DLCs released since it’s base game release back in May 2014. Thankfully these are all included in the complete collection and work so flawles...

Tropcio 6 new features

Whats new in Tropico 6?

Archipelago: The format of a single island has now been replaced with multiple islands, you can now also build different types of ports and docks allowing both your goods and citizens to travel betwee...

Game Review: Tropico 6

I’ve been looking forward to writing this Tropico 6 game review. For years now the Tropico series has always followed a cartoonish direction. The release of Tropico 6 has pushed the game into a ...

7.5 Good

Tropico 6

7.5 Good
tropico 5 news

Tropico 5 – What are High Schools useful for?

High Schools in Tropico 5 are classed as education buildings. When you build most buildings in Tropico you’ll need to fill the available positions with educated workers. A high school is useful ...