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Xbox Project Scarlett: Latest details, leaks and specifications

Project Scarlett
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Microsoft’s next-gen games console has been codenamed Project Scarlett. Following on from the Xbox One, Microsoft have announced two potential consoles upon launch.

The two consoles will offer a budget-friendly and a mainstream beefy system. The more powerful has been codenamed Anaconda, and the entry-level as Lockhart.

Windows Central have recently added some more specific details surrounding the consoles. Multiple sources have confirmed certain hardware aspects which we’ve concluded as follows:

Project Scarlett: Anaconda RAM

The Anaconda will likely have 16GM of on-board RAM. 13GB will be set aside for gaming, whilst 3GB will go towards the operating system.

The Xbox One X currently offers 9GB of gaming RAM. It also has 6 teraflops (TF) of power, whereas the Anaconda is said to have 12TF.

If the rumours are true, the Anaconda will offer up to 5 times more power than it’s predecessor, the Xbox One X.

Project Scarlett: Lockhart Specs

The Lockhart is said to offer 4TF. However, some sources have said it will offer more performance than the Xbox One X.

Although it may not be as powerful as the Anaconda, Lockhart will offer features like ray tracing.

Anaconda and Lockhart Backwards Compatibility

Both consoles will offer backwards compatibility. This is a feature that’s already been confirmed for Project Scarlett.

All Xbox One games will work on the consoles. If you’ve already got an Xbox One, I’m sure you’ll notice the difference for yourself when you try out the new console.

Anaconda new xbox

The new consoles (Xbox Anaconda & Xbox Lockhart) will offer improved performance as well as solid state drives (SSDs).

Whilst the information above is more certain than before, Project Scarlett is set to change at any given moment. However, it’s very interesting to see what’s to come and how Project Scarlett will compare to the PS5.

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