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Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendaries List

Now that Pokemon Go Gen 5 is well underway, we thought we’d take a look at the Pokemon Go Gen 5 legendaries list. There are 9 new legendary Pokemon making their way to Gen 5.

The new legendaries are split into three groups. There’s the Swords of Justice, Forces of Nature, and Tao Trio. Continue reading to find out more!

 PokemonLegendary Group
CobalionSwords of Justice
Terrakion Swords of Justice
Virizion Swords of Justice
Tornadus Forces of Nature
Thundurus Forces of Nature
Landorus Forces of Nature
Zekrom Tao Trio
Reshiram Tao Trio
Kyurem Tao Trio

Swords of Justice Legendaries

Swords of Justice
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Swords of Justice

The first group of legendary Pokemon are Swords of Justice. According to Bulbapedia, the Japanese translation (聖剣士) of Swords of Justice is Sacred Swordsman.

They are a group of Pokémon that travel the world, protecting Pokémon and humans alike. They train Keldeo on how to use Secret Sword so it can become one of them.

Cobalion legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Cobalion

Cobalion: Fight/Steel type legendary Pokemon. Fast moves include Metal Claw and Zen Headbutt. You can earn Cobalion candy by walking 20km with Cobalion on Pokemon Go.

Terrakion legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Terrakion 

Terrakion: Legendary Terrakion is a fight/Rock type Pokemon. Fast moves include Smack down and Zen Headbutt. Terrakion’s max CP is 3698.

Virizion legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Virizion 

Virizion: Virizion is a fight/grass type legendary in Pokemon Go. Virizion has a max CP of 3022 and is vulnerable to flying type moves.

Forces of Nature Legendaries

Forces of nature
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Forces of Nature

The Forces of Nature each have an incarnate form. However, they are known by Pokemon fans as the kami trio, cloud trio, or Legendary genies.

Tornadus legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Tornadus (Therian Form)

Tornadus: As the name suggests, legendary Pokemon Tornadus is a flying type. It’s fast moves are Bite and Air Slash. Tornadus has a max CP of 3215. It’s vulnerable to electric, ice and rock type moves.

Thundurus legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Thundurus (Therian Form)

Thundurus: Thundurus is a legendary Pokemon. It’s a flying/electric type Pokemon with a max CP of 3659. Astonish will get a +1 on damage in foggy conditions and Thunder Shock a +1 damage in wet conditions.

Landorus legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Landorus (Therian Form) 

Landorus: Landorus is a flying/rock type legendary. With a hefty weight of 68kg, Landorus has a max CP of 3922. Landorus is especially vulnerable to ice and water type moves.

Tao Trio Legendaries

Tao Trio
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Tao Trio

The Tao Trio (also known as Tao dragon trio and energy trio) group of Pokemon in Pokemon Go are dragon type legendary Pokemon. Reshiram represents the yang, Zekrom represents the yin, and Kyurem represents the concept of wuji.

Zekrom legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Zekrom

Zekrom: Zekrom is a legendary dragon/electric type Pokemon. Furthermore, he weighs a huge 345kg and has Dragon Breath and Charge Beam as it’s fast moves. Zekrom has a max CP of 4038.

Reshiram legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Reshiram

Reshiram: Reshiram is another legendary dragon type. It is also a fire type with the fast moves Dragon Breath and Fire Fang. Reshiram’s max CP is the same as Zekrom of 4038.

Kyurem legendary pokemon
Pokemon Go Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Kyurem

Kyurem: Kyurem is a legendary dragon/ice type. It has a max CP of 3575 and a weight of 235kg. Although the smallest out of the Tao Trio, it still packs a punch with Dragon Breath and Steel Wing fast moves.

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