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Planet Zoo Update 1.1.2

by Georgie Peru
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Planet Zoo Update 1.1.2 has recently dropped and once again it’s nice to see some bug fixing taking priority over new content.

With the recent DLC’s release over Christmas I saw an influx of comments from people annoyed that there was new content being added while the game still had some bugs.

Personally I didn’t mind the DLC and in-fact snapped it up straight away and have been enjoying creating some magical winter wonderlands.

planet zoo arctic

The latest Planet Zoo update has a pretty decent number of bug fixes.

Official Planet Zoo Update 1.1.2 patch notes:

  • Fixed a material streaming issue where objects would load in blurred.
  • Fixed a bug where thousands of dung would crash the physics system on loading zoos.
  • Fixed a crash on load of a zoo where the audio system would run out of memory.
  • Fixed Cheetah female and Polar Bear being able to jump into water.
  • Fixed a number of crashes due to crowd navigation.
  • Fixed checkboxes for object placement settings responding to keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed guests getting trapped by path editing near them.
  • Fixed guests getting stuck on load.
  • Fixed various crowd related crashes.
  • Fixed block of frozen fruit enrichment item unlocking via Galapagos or Giant Tortoise research.
  • Fixed inspectors not visiting zoos.
  • Fixed Mechanics not repairing vandalised items.
  • Improved loading times of zoos with lots of climbable objects.
  • Fixed big cats being able to climb tall walls to escape.
  • Fixed clicking a time line notification about breeding animals.
  • Various localisation and text fixes.
  • Fixed a crash when using object selection shortcuts in the animal info pop up.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling an animal move request at a specific time could cause issues.
  • General bug fixes.
    Please continue to send us feedback and reports on the Issue Tracker so we can continue to improve our community’s experience.

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