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Planet Zoo Southeast Asia Animal Pack Review

by Kegan Mooney

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Frontier’s games. To date I cannot think of a single game they have done in which I have had anything but praise for them, well okay, one game, but we won’t mention that one.

The Planet Zoo Southeast Asia DLC is no different and much like DLC’s in the past with Planet Zoo, the developers have also given us yet another fantastic free update.

Planet Zoo Southeast Asia Timed Scenario

While the Franchise mode is what it’s all about for me, I tend to play the timed scenarios when they come out with a DLC as I think they’re a wonderful way to peek at some of the updated content DLC’s provide.

Kuala Bintu Taman

The new map for the timed scenario is stunning, the challenge park in which you take over has been extremely well designed. In-fact, it’s been an inspiration for my current Franchise Zoo, which now thanks to the DLC I’m going to have to redesign a bit to implement some of these cool ideas taken from Kuala Bintu Taman.

As you can see from the image above, there are some innovative designs on the viewing points for enclosures, placing sections of the fencing below ground, something I hadn’t thought about before, yet so simple.

I had taken a small break from Planet Zoo to go back to Planet Coaster, but this time on the console edition. So, for me, it was genuinely nice to jump into a scenario and get some inspiration, but being a tad rusty at the game, I did fail on the medium setting on my first attempt.

Personally, I find the visuals on Planet Zoo often takes my attention away from the task at hand, so when I’m doing a timed scenario, it’s not helping that I keep stopping to admire the level of detail on enclosures, like ivy climbing up the walls, and the cool bare cave in the new Southeast Asia packs Sun Bear enclosure.

The only issue with a timed scenario is that I worry I will make the park look worse by the time I’m done with it and you don’t really get time to make things look nice. But of course, you can now run a sandbox game with the new map, so if you are like me and loved it, you can make it your own without the need to rush.

The timed scenario has several goals, including having a set amount of unique animals, a specific park rating, and paying off a loan, which made managing money harder than I had expected.

Southeast Asia DLC New Additions

The latest paid DLC introduces eight new creatures. Included are:

  • Clouded Leopard
  • Docile Sun Bear
  • Proboscis Monkey
  • Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect
  • Binturong
  • Malayan Tapir
  • Ussuri Dhole
  • North Sulawesi Babirusa

You can pick the Southeast Asia DLC pack up for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99 USD. The pack not only brings new animals, but it also presents a new timed scenario in Perak, Malaysia, which I’ve mentioned above.

Along with the new DLC, Frontier has released Planet Zoo’s 1.5 update which presents players with new additions and some quality-of-life changes. Though I am always objective in my reviews, and the Southeast Asia DLC review is no different, I really commend Frontier for continuing to listen to their player base and make changes that gamers want to see.

Planet Zoo 1.5 update offers multiple zoo entrances in all gameplay modes, water visual setting user interface, custom billboards, free time scenario at Scholey Manor, scenario rewards, and much more. It still amazes me how detailed the animals are in Planet Zoo. I sometimes forget I’m sat at my PC playing a game and find myself losing 3-4 hours admiring the options available.

Southeast Asia DLC Summary

If you love Planet Zoo, then I highly recommend the Southeast Asia DLC. Not only will you be able to create habitats for new animals, you’ll be able to enjoy the Planet Zoo 1.5 update, quality of life enhancements, and a wealth of new content.

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