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Planet Zoo South America DLC Review

by Kegan Mooney
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The Planet Zoo South America DLC has been out for a couple of days now and is starting to get some mixed reviews. The majority of the South America DLC’s negative reviews have been around the lack of animals included in the DLC.

Planet Zoo South America DLC costs $9.99 (£7.99) of which some people have pointed out, the price per animal compared to the base game is much higher with the new DLC.

3 of the new South America pack animals allow guests to enter the habitat, which I love as it allows me to be much more creative and makes it easier to keep guests happy.

But, I can see peoples points, the lack of animals coming into the DLC’s is starting to feel very similar to Jurassic World Evolution’s DLC now.

Planet Zoo South America Pack Scenario

If you are anything like me, when buying a new DLC you look forward to playing the new scenarios that come with them, the Arctic pack really didn’t disappoint with its new scenarios included.

One of my biggest issues with the South America pack is that it didn’t actually include any new scenarios this time, yet it still costs the same amount as the Arctic pack which did include scenarios.

New Planet Zoo South America Scenery

The new Planet Zoo DLC boasts over 250 new scenery pieces, which is great for us builders that like to express some creativity with our zoo’s.

But again, it does feel like we have been sold short this time, with none of the new scenery items being climbable, yet we now have jaguars and Colombian White-Faced Capuchin Monkey’s that both can and should climb.

It really doesn’t make sense why they would add animals that are notorious for their climbing skills without making the scenery for these animals actually climbable for them.

The scenery itself is actually very well made, in the fact that it’s visually very nice, but making it climbable, would have made such a difference to both our animals and our zoo’s.


If you are a massive fan of the game, then I would say the Planet Zoo South America pack is still worth buying, but if you are looking for value for money, wait till it goes down in price or on sale.

South America has a massively diverse range of native animals, yet Frontier decided to only add 4 new animals and 1 exhibit animal, this just feels like such a wasted opportunity and one that would make me wait on future DLC’s to check the content before rushing to part with my money.

Hopefully they will listen to everyone’s feedback and impress us with the next DLC and a much wider range of animals, only time will tell.

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