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Planet Zoo Restaurant Update

by Georgie Peru

Planet Zoo fans will be pleased to know that in an upcoming update, Planet Zoo restaurants will be introduced. While you can make your own restaurants by piecing buildings and facilities together, it isn’t yet possible to build a dedicated restaurant.

The latest Planet Zoo update will bring functional restaurants to the forefront of the game, allowing your guests to enjoy indoor and outdoor dining.

Planet Zoo Restaurant Menu

The new Planet Zoo restaurant facility will be available to place down in your zoo. It will come with a pre-assigned vendor and up to 20 tables that can be placed to create a fully-fledged restaurant.

Once greeted, your guests will be seated at an available table. Although tables do form part of the restaurant facility, they can be placed freely within 30m of the facility.

  • Restaurants can be placed in guest-friendly habitats
  • Includes round table and dinner booth table options
  • Can be placed indoors and outdoors
  • Choice of restaurant size including small, medium, and large (up to 20 tables)

Best Planet Zoo Restaurant Designs

Before the restaurant update was announced, many creative Planet Zoo players designed their own restaurants and cafes. We thought it would be a great time to showcase these works of art by listing our favorite Planet Zoo restaurant and cafe designs from the Steam Workshop.

1. Restaurant Inside Habitat by Troy

This modern-style restaurant is placed within a large habitat so guests can enjoy a meal while watching their favorite animals. Guests are protected since they are behind glass barriers, so can see the animals without disturbing them.

Download: Restaurant Inside Habitat

2. Tropical Zoo Restaurant by FrisBeat

This restaurant requires the Planet Zoo: South America and Arctic Packs. Featuring a Chief Beef and Gulpee, guests can stroll in for a quick bite or something to drink before heading to the rest of your zoo to check out all of the animals.

Download: Tropical Zoo Restaurant

3. Beaver Brothers Restaurant by Sdanwolf

Inspired by Critter Country at Tokyo Disneyland, Beaver Brothers has a very authentic feel to it and wouldn’t look out of place in most zoos. Guests can walk atop the restaurant and take in the breathtaking views of your animals, making it an extremely versatile piece.

Download: Beaver Brothers

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