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Planet Zoo Europe Pack Review

by Georgie Peru

Planet Zoo Europe Pack is now available to purchase and download. Frontier’s latest DLC releases alongside Planet Zoo update 1.8 which allows players to build their own restaurants.

With the Europe Pack, that makes 9 available DLCs for Planet Zoo. These include the Deluxe Upgrade Pack, Arctic Pack, South America Pack, Australia Pack, Aquatic Pack, Southeast Asia Animal Pack, Africa Pack, and North America Animal Pack.

Planet Zoo Europe Pack New Animals

With every Planet Zoo DLC, players are excited to learn of the new animals they are able to add to their zoos. Included in the Europe Pack you’ll meet:

  • Eurasian Lynx
  • Alpine Ibex
  • European Badger
  • European Fallow Deer

As well as new habitat animals, there’s also a new exhibit animal; the Fire Salamander.

Planet Zoo Europe Pack Scenery

While undoubtedly you’ll be excited for the new animals with this DLC, there are also over 250 new scenery pieces to play with. These are inspired by European countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and many more.

This timely DLC also introduces new winter-themed scenery to create the perfect zoo during the holiday season.

The Planet Zoo Europe Pack DLC only adds to the game’s stunning ability to create beautiful parks. Whether you enjoy theming your areas into separate categories, or love playing with the construction items, Frontier has hit the nail on the head once again.

New Timed Scenario

Included with the Europe Pack DLC, there’s a new timed scenario that is set in the foothills of an alpine mountain. You’ll need to build across three themed areas to complete the challenge.

In addition, players will need to have at least 20 different habitat species, maintain animal welfare, invite at least 3,000 guests to your zoo, and earn a tidy yearly profit of 18,000.

While some Planet Zoo enthusiasts may feel disheartened to learn many of these tasks are already established, it’s still a massive challenge to overcome.

When Can You Play Planet Zoo Europe Pack DLC?

The DLC is available to purchase via Steam for $9.99 (£7.99, 9.99€) from today – 14 December. Keep your eyes peeled, because we will be introducing plenty of new Planet Zoo tips and tricks, guides, and how to build the perfect restaurant for your zoo.

And of course, we expect there to be an abundance of new Steam Workshop content available to subscribe to.

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