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Planet Zoo Beta & why we are excited

I have already mentioned the Planet Zoo beta in a recent post, so why am I posting about it again? Although it may not be the biggest game of the year, it’s the one that has me the most excited.

Will Planet Zoo beat Zoo Tycoon?

A few years ago, when the Xbox One was still in it’s infancy, you may remember a remake of Zoo Tycoon. This was a game that got me equally as excited as the Planet Zoo beta has.

When it came out, I played the hell out of it. However, I quickly filled up my zoo with only a quarter of my Zoo’s grounds filled up.

I was told I had used all my allowed buildings. It felt there was an inability to really personalize my park and enclosure, I was disappointed to say the least.

So, if Frontier who are responsible for creating Zoo Tycoon are now making Planet Zoo, why am I excited once again. Should I not be expecting disappointment?

Plant Zoo to follow in the footsteps of Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is the main reason this has raised my excitement levels up a notch. The game continues to give me countless hours of fun.

As I’m certain I will find out in the Planet Zoo beta, the game is set to follow in the design, and creativity footsteps of Planet Coaster. It will give us the freedom to really personalize the Zoo’s we create. It’s not just a case of place down pre-built enclosures or buildings (like Jurassic World).

Video Credit: GameRiot

As you can see from the video from GameRiot, Planet Zoo offers the same freedom of creativity as Planet Coaster. I genuinely believe this will allow it to claim the title of best zoo game to date. However, my partner does like to remind me that I’m almost always wrong, let’s hope not this time.

Challenges in Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo will also have another difficulty factor to consider compared to Planet Coaster. In Planet Zoo it won’t just be the guests you will need to keep happy. The animal welfare must be at the forefront of your thoughts. After all, it is a zoo.

You’ll need to keep both guests and animals alive. Feeding, watering, and keeping them both happy. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll need to achieve this without financial disaster. If you go bankrupt, the game is over. Good luck!

Planet Zoo Beta Release

If you didn’t know, the Planet Zoo beta comes out on Tuesday the 24th of September. It is playable through until 8th October. Sorry boss, I think I have a dose of two week man-flu coming on. See you in a couple of weeks!

Video Credit: PartyElite
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