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Planet Zoo Arctic pack and free update

by Kegan Mooney
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If you’re looking for new content this month, you’re in for a surprise. As well as the Planet Zoo Arctic pack there will also be free update 1.1.0 too.

Planet Zoo Arctic pack:

As the name suggests the Arctic pack will be a wintery DLC with harsh conditions. This will bring a much more challenging experience to players.

But, if you’re not into the cold weather, fear not, there is also a desert zoo based on Mexico with the DLC too.

It will be time to get back to work for Bernie. The two new scenarios will pit you against some of the harshes conditions to run a zoo in yet.

Planet Zoo Arctic pack:

Arctic Pack New Features:

As to be expected with a new content pack, it’s not just the two new scenarios we will be getting. There’s a fresh range of new content too.

New Animals:

There are four new animals with the content pack:

  • Polar Bear
  • Reindeer
  • Arctic Wolf
  • Dall Sheep
Planet zoo Arctic

As soon as they are available we will add the Zoopedia information to the post. Then you can see their individual care needs and requirements.

New Building pieces:

With the new content’s building pieces you will be able to design your very own Scandinavian frozen paradise. This comes with an assortment of 200+ building and scenery items. Included are ice sculptures, which is going to be awesome.

Planet Zoo Arctic pack: Release date

Planet Zoo Arctic pack and free update 1.1.0 are both coming out on December 17 2019.

You do not need to own the Arctic pack to get the free update.

Planet Zoo Free Update 1.1.0

As mentioned above, there is also a range of items coming as a free update on December 17th.

  • Slower Animal Ageing: This has been one of my biggest gripes with the game, animals currently seem to die before you’ve really had time to do much
  • Immediate family: A new tab being added on which will show an animals immediate family, this is being done with the aim to reduce inbreeding and improve animal health
  • Animal packs: This only count for canines, the update will add a new pack function
  • New heatmaps: The new heat maps are designed to give you more management features and will display crime, litter and much more
  • Updated social behaviour: Lemurs will now interact with other types of Lemurs, including the interaction between adults and juvenile Lemurs
  • Newsfeed: The homepage will include a news feed to give updates on Planet Zoo
  • Management updates: We will now get alerts that will let us know if there are any failings within the zoo to help us make sure we are running things as efficiently as possible
  • Aurora Borealis: The Tundra map will now have the Nothern Lights at night time, this can only be seen on higher graphics settings
  • New costume: There will be an ice cream costume for our avatars
  • New Sets: New rock sets, a new ice path and an ice set are being added to the game

Arctic Campaign: Update 17 Dec 2019

Bernie is back and this time trying to save the animals with the help of his Norwegian frozen themed zoo. Let it go Bernie, let it go!

I highly recommend playing the campaign. The scenery and set pieces are absolutely stunning and, if nothing else, will be sure to give you inspiration for your own Franchise zoo.

Whilst the reviews are mostly positive, the DLC has had some negative feedback. Some players are saying the DLC is too expensive.

Personally, I disagree with these reviews. Considering we are getting 4 new animals and over 200 new building pieces, the price is very reasonable.

The DLC is out now and costs just £7.99 from the Steam store. If like me, you’re an avid Frozen fan, it may be a worthwhile investment.

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