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Planet Zoo How to build an airlock

by Kegan Mooney
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It may seem simple to some, but I have had a few emails asking me how to build an airlock on Planet Zoo now.

Many people assumed you build the track and place the barriers around it, with other thinking the track should just be built straight through the gate. Neither is the case.

How to build the Airlock:

  • Build the stations for the transport rides if you haven’t already
  • Build the habitat (Make sure it’s big enough for the animals to be happy even with a track running through it)
  • Build the Airlocks into the habitat walls, make sure you have done both an entrance and exit
  • Build the track right up to the gate until you see the connection icon pictured below
planet zoo airlock connection
  • Once you have made the connection the rail / track will continue inside the habitat
  • Connect the track to the exit Airlock and complete the track

Powering the track:

Don’t forget the track needs power to run, make sure to have your engineers check the nearest generator or power source often so the transportation doesn’t break mid-tour.

Reminds me of the time my old Fiat Punto broke down at my local safari in the wolves den, wasn’t fun getting a push start!

planet zoo airlock

Another important thing to pay attention to is the size of your habitat, you can have multiple transport rides and airlocks running through your habitat, so make sure that your habitat is big enough that your animals can hide and get some personal space if they need to.

Check on an animal’s social welfare if you are not sure if the transport is affecting them. If social is right down at the bottom, they may need more coverage or their shelter may be too close to the tracks.

You can see how comfortable animals are around humans by looking at them on the Zoopedia, this will show you their relationship with humans, less confident animals will lose social welfare quicker when around guests.

I learned this the hard way after placing an exhibit within my lemur enclosure, the guests loved having both lemurs and spiders, to the point it bought massive crowds and donations. The Lemurs were not so happy.

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