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Pathologic 2 steams recent release on May 23rd 2019 from developers Ice-Pick Lodge.

Play as a healer with 12 days to save both yourself and as many people as you can from a deadly outbreak.

Pathologic 2 preview

You can’t save everyone:

The game forces us into prediciments that mean life and death, where someone will inevitiblly die. Try to be the hero and neglect your own needs and die, look after yourself too well, others die, each minute, each choice must be calculated or expect dire repucusions that could set events spiralling out of control for you.


Pathologic 2 is a great original concept that has been put together very well, take a look at the 20 minutes of gameplay from Handsome Phantom
on YouTube.

20 Minutes of Pathologic 2 Gameplay

Choose how to survive:

The environment is harsh and surviving is not easy, you may need to beg and steal or even resort to murder to obtain the means to survive.

The conundrum is, others have the same problem. There will be times when you need to decide: is your money worth your life?

Pathologic 2 news

Where to buy Pathologic 2:



Pathologic is one of many games to come out this year with a completely new concept and story, and as such it’s a refreshing new challenge.

If you haven’t already, we strongly suggest you trying this one, it will surprise you as it did us.

Although at the time of writing the game has mostly positive reviews as per any game, we strongly suggest checking out the recent reviews before making a purchase.

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What’s your thoughts on Pathologic 2? Let us know in the comments on the bottom of the page.

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