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No Mans Sky Beyond multiplayer?

The main question and confusion around the original title was, “Is No Mans Sky Multiplayer?”. And the answer was simply, no! However No Mans Sky Beyond multiplayer is actually a thing.

The game will feature 32 player servers, that allow you to see each other. So not the type of multiplayer that featured in the first game. You know, the multiplayer where two players on the same spot couldn’t see each other.

Many people defended the developers, saying that they had said it’s very unlikely you will see anyone else. However, to me that indicates a chance, thus meaning it is multiplayer but on a large map.

Clearly this was a mistake, as when I bought a physical copy of the game it had a green sticker that, when pealed away, showed the online multiplayer rating.

Although this was unclear about the first games’ online capabilities, the studio seem to have been much more clear about No Mans Sky Beyond’s multiplayer abilities.

You will be able to see up to 32 players, and with this in mind I imagine the pause functions will undoubtedly be removed from the multiplayer version of the game at least. This proves the first game was never multiplayer, as you can’t pause a server.

What else is new in No Mans Sky Beyond?

No Mans Sky Beyond multiplayer isn’t the only new feature. In four short days the game will release with other new features that should really set the game apart from the first title.

The known changes include:

  • Powered Bases: These will be bases attached to an electrical grid that will include automatic resource collection. This is personally an area I felt the first game really lacked in.
  • Cooking: You will now be able to hunt and cook food. To be honest this is a basic survival function that should have existed within the first game.
  • Alien Milking: Assuming you are fine with getting up close and personal with an alien to check for working nipples, you can now milk the aliens.
  • Automated Crafting: Part of the new base building includes the ability to automatically craft new building parts, similar to Factorio.
  • Automated Mining: Using cool new mining buildings you will now be able to setup automated mines. Again similar to another game mechanic, this time Minecraft.
If I was good with Photoshop DeNiro would have been an alien!

The are other changes reported, such as the ability to ride certain aliens, with the update being stated as the biggest update to date, with it now being called No Mans Sky 2.0.

However the game is not a sequel, I only refer to the previous version of the game as “the original title” as the changes are so significant that it may as well be a sequel.

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