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Night of the Dead’s January Update Adds New Customization Options & More

by Kegan Mooney

Night of the Dead developers, Jacktostudios have recently released one of their best updates to date, the Night of the Dead Alpha 1.2.0 update brings with it tons of new customization options, as well as some other cool new features that we couldn’t wait to test.

Character Customization

When I first started playing Night of the Dead, one of the first issues I found with the game, was the lack of customization, both the lack of customization of your character and the game itself, was a little disappointing.

But, with the release of the Alpha 1.2.0 update, both of these issues have been addressed, with players now able to completely customize their characters, as well as changing gender now too.

The new Night of the Dead character customization really does a great job of allowing players to express themselves through their characters, every little detail of the character’s face can be adjusted to perfection.

The only let down to this, is the lack of ability to adjust the character’s body features, making your character smaller, or bigger, adding or reducing muscle mass, or adjusting the chest size of female characters.

Night of the Dead's January Update
Night of the Dead’s 6 Character Slots

If like me, you have difficulty creating the perfect character, the developers have also now included 6 character slots for you to choose from, so you can try out different character designs, as well as having ones with set traits and stats.

There are also a couple of pages of tattoo designs to choose from too, which is a feature I personally really like, Lucy, the main character looks innocent, so it means I can also make a meaner, more intimidating character instead.

The tattoo designs don’t all include tattoos, there are also some facial blemishes as well as some pretty cool-looking scars that you can add to your characters too.

Night of the Dead Tattoo

Although the facial tattoos and scars look amazing, I would have liked to have seen the option to extend these down the body of the character, which would have been visible, depending on which armor you choose to wear.

Traits Customization

Once you have perfected what your character looks like, you can now add an occupation, and both negative and positive traits to your character now.

Occupation changes your base stats, picking any of them will adjust your base stats according to the occupation type, and leave you with a different amount of points to spend on traits accordingly, unemployed offers the most amount of spare trait points.

Each trait costs a set amount of points, depending on how good the trait is, but if you do not have enough points to spend, then you can add some negative traits to earn some extra points.

Night of the Dead traits system

It’s a great system, but it might take you a couple of attempts to get it right, I, for example, picked higher grade loot drops as a positive trait, which costs -10 points, which meant I had to load up on negative effects to pay for it, which I really did pay for in-game.

Difficulty Customization

The latest Night of the Dead update doesn’t just stop at character customization, players now have more room than ever to customize the game itself, much like 7 Days to Die, players are now able to completely overhaul the difficulty settings, changing how the game itself works.

Players can choose from preset difficulties, that go from peaceful to legend, or they can choose a custom difficulty, which allows them to completely choose each aspect of how the game plays.

Night of the Dead customization

As well as choosing a difficulty, you can now also choose the following gameplay settings:

  • No Wave
  • No Zombie Respawn
  • Natural Objects Respawn
  • Symthetic Objects Respawn
  • No Generator Breakdown
  • No Research Lost Upon Dying
  • Drop Items on Exit

Armor, Fishing and Much More

The customization options avalible with the Night of the Dead January update is already enough to win me over, but they didn’t stop there, the developers have also dropped in some amazing new content for new and old players alike to enjoy.

The new armor system alows players to outfit themselves with one of several new armor sets, as well as using special resources to upgrade these armors for added protection.

The long awaited fishing system has now been added to the game, allowing players to ignore the everyday perils of the zombie appocalypse and go fishing.

The new leveling system finally lets players gain XP and level up points into base skills, making them hit harder, take more of a beating or upgrade any of the other base stats in the game.