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How to Find Rivercress Stem in New World

by Georgie Peru
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Rivercress is a gatherable resource in New World. It’s commonly found along rivers and near waterfalls. Using a sickle, you can gather Rivercress Stem from Rivercress in New World.

In order to gather Rivercress Stem, you’ll need your harvesting skill to be at level 30. You can start tracking Rivercress at level 45 harvesting.

New World Rivercress Stem Locations

As Rivercress is mostly found near water, you’ll need to head to a location with plenty of rivers.

My recommendation for the best location to find Rivercress in New World is in the Windsward territory.

fishermans bend new world
Fisherman’s Bend, New World

West of Windsward settlement is Fisherman’s Bend. Much of the early main story quest takes place around here. Conveniently, there is a fast travel shrine nearby, known as Hermit’s Shrine.

hermits shrine new world
Hermit’s Shrine, Windsward

Fisherman’s Bend is a fishing hotspot in New World. You’ll find plenty of Rivercress around this area which you can harvest for Rivercress Stem.

Its alchemical properties are especially useful in potion crafting.

Rivercress Stem is required for one of the early-game main story quests. It is also used in Arcana recipes, classed as:

  • Water Reagents
  • Protective Reagents
  • Tier 2 Water Reagents
  • Tier 2 Protective Reagents
rivercress harvesting new world
Rivercress, New World

Rivercress is a Magical Plant. It looks like a glowing bulb, as you can see from the image above. To harvest Rivercress, simply walk up to the plant and press E.

If you’re struggling to find Rivercress, you can use the New World interactive map. Here you can filter by specific plants or search for “Rivercress” to find the best locations.

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