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New World Patch Notes 1.1

by Georgie Peru
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The New World patch notes for Update 1.1 were recently released. Today, on November 18, downtime is expected across all servers at 5 AM PT. Graduating from the Public Test Realm, the latest New World update will be playable in the main game.

What Is Into The Void?

New World Into The Void is not a DLC for the game. It’s an update to New World that contains new weapons, enemies, balancing, and bug fixes.

Recently we explored whether New World was already dead. With players diminishing and servers looking bare, it seemed like the game was already on its last legs.

However, with New World Update 1.1, things seem to be looking up for Amazon’s MMO.

Void Gauntlet

The Void Gauntlet in New World is a new weapon to enter Aeternum. This hybrid weapon allows you to offer support to your allies while hitting your enemies with a devastating blow.

Using Intelligence and Focus, the Void Gauntlet is the first weapon we’ve seen in New World to boast two scalable skills. Players will be able to progress through the Annihilation tree and the Decay tree to master their Void Gauntlet.

  • The Annihilation tree focuses on maximizing damage at close-range and revolves around Void Blade, a summoned blade of corrosive void energy.
  • The Decay tree offers ranged healing and debuffs and revolves around Orb of Decay, a dual phase projectile that can debuff enemies and heal allies.

Varangian Knights

In the latest New World patch notes for Update 1.1, a new line of enemies known as The Varangian Knights is led by Lord Commander Attalus.

Commander Attalus and the Varangians are vassals to a powerful warlord named Varik “The Hammer” Iznov. They have been sent to Southeastern Aeternum in search of magical artifacts and arcane lore left behind by the Crimson Sorcerer. Their goal is to secure magical weapons that will help their lord in his conquests. The Varangians are fiercely competitive and will vie with one another to curry favor with Lord Commander Attalus.

New World

New enemies include:

  • Varangian Hewer
  • Varangian Scout
  • Varangian Knight
  • Varangian Archer

Patch Notes Update 1.1

In addition to Into The Void, the New World patch notes include new experiences, quests, and bug fixes.

New World Additions/Changes

  • Added starter zone visuals
    • New visuals have been added to the starting areas
    • Corruption and Withered visuals have been enhanced
  • Ezra’s Forge updated and moved to southwest Windsward from Amrine Temple
  • Running on roads gets you a speed bonus of 10%
    • The speed bonus triggers after 3 seconds of running on a road
    • The bonus cancels if a player engages in combat
  • +10% Luck bonus and +30% Gathering Luck bonus when flagged as PvP

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with AI getting stuck
  • Problems with Boss gating triggering in Expeditions now fixed
  • Fixed multiple issues with Expedition enemy encounters
  • Enemy vitals, names, and versions updated
  • Missing or incorrect world collision issues fixed

Notable Patch Note Changes

To view the full history of New World patch notes, click here. However, we wanted to give you an overview of some of the most notable and important updates in addition to the general New World update changes and fixes.

  • Trading Posts are now all linked
  • Maximum length of Trading Post items is 14 days rather than 28 days
  • Reduced Durability lost from PvP deaths by 10%
  • Reduced Territory Standing gains from Cooking
  • Increased the XP requirements for progressing Crafting Trade Skills
  • Added several new named items as special drops from named Knights found in the world
  • Players can now individually block company invites, group invites, friend invites, coin transfer, trade requests, duel requests and chat direct messages
  • Added a tooltip on damaged gear indicator explaining how to repair
  • Fixed a bug that caused titles to be reset after each game update

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