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How to Make Money in New World

by Georgie Peru
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Amazon’s New World requires gold to do pretty much anything. You’ll need money in New World for crafting, maintaining your home’s upkeep, for food, and for repairing your gear.

While there are many opportunities to make money in the game, the question is how to make money fast in New World.

If you don’t have time to read through our guide, here’s a quick overview of how to make money in New World:

  1. Complete main quests to earn gold
  2. Sell Raw Materials at the Trading Post
  3. Craft bags
  4. Increase your Luck

Complete Quests to Make Money

The easiest way to make money in New World near the beginning of the game is by completing quests. If you’re familiar with the MMO genre, you’ll know that you can earn a steady amount of gold by handing in quests.

new world amazon games settlement

Main story quests are the most lucrative, rewarding you with handsome amounts of money. I’d therefore urge you to get the main quests done sooner rather than later. I know, I know, it’s tempting to go off and explore (trust me, I spend far too long not doing what I’m supposed to), but that won’t get you money quickly.

Once you’ve completed as many quests as you can, you’ll want to dive into other sources of making money in New World.

Selling at the Trading Post

When playing New World, you will complete quests, slay monsters, and gather materials. These Raw Materials aren’t just useful for crafting. They are a great source of income and it’s worth investing some time into.

You’ll find a Trading Post in each town, allowing you to buy and sell Raw Materials. Useful materials to focus on early-game include Iron, Gold, Silver, and Starmetal.

how to use gathering nodes in new world

Depending on the town and the time of day, prices will fluctuate. Essentially this means you can buy Raw Materials at a low price in one town and sell them for more in another.

At each Trading Post, you should check the Settlements menu to see how much materials cost.

Make Money By Crafting Bags

To expand your inventory space in New World, you’ll need bags. Bags are currently the only way to increase a player’s inventory, so they are a lucrative source of income.

If you have spare bags or you have the materials and means to craft bags, you should do so.

crafting bags in new world

Bags come in different tiers; each level requires rarer materials to craft them, so if you have the skills to do so, you can really own the market here.

Go to the Outfitting Station in a main settlement and search for “bag”. You’ll find the materials needed to make each bag, meaning you’ll know what to gather to craft them.

Boost Your Luck to Make Money in New World

By boosting your luck, you can get higher-tier resources when gathering. Gathering larger nodes will net you more resources, but how do you boost your luck in New World?

  • Unlock trophies in your home
  • Craft food with +Luck modifiers
  • Use charms when crafting amulets
  • Wear equipment sets that boost luck

How Much Gold Can You Hold in New World?

You can hold a maximum of 500K gold in New World. While playing the game, there’s plenty of ways to earn extra money before you reach the maximum.

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