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New World Faction Guide

by Georgie Peru
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If you’re new to the game, you may be wondering which faction you should choose in New World. Amazon’s MMO has become an incredibly popular game but injects a few different features that set it apart from other MMOs.

In New World, there aren’t any classes. While you can lead your character down specific skill and weapon paths, there’s no restricted or limited tank builds, healer classes, and so on.

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You can have one character per server, with the option to transfer to another server, provided you don’t already have a character on it.

In addition to this, you’ll have to choose a faction in New World, split between Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant.

Table of Contents

  1. How Choosing A Faction Can Impact The Game
  2. How To Pick A Faction In New World
    1. Server Balance
  3. New World Factions
  4. What Does Belonging To A Faction In New World Mean?
  5. Faction Rewards
    1. Marauder Missions
    2. Syndicate Missions
    3. Covenant Missions

How Choosing A Faction Can Impact The Game

Before choosing a faction in New World, it’s important to understand what you can and can’t do beforehand. Once you’ve chosen a faction, you cannot switch factions for the next 120 days.

You can only join a company (guild) that belongs to the same faction that you do. If you want to enjoy some PvP, you can be attacked by people from other factions in the world.

In wars, you can represent your faction in New World in PvP battles. Once a battle is won, the winning faction can set settlements’ tax rates and receive specific buffs in that area.

If you want to participate in expeditions, you can form a group with people from any faction.

How To Pick A Faction In New World

Now that you understand the importance of choosing the right faction, it’s time to find out how you can join a faction in New World.

Once you’ve completed a bunch of starter quests and have reached level 10, you can select a faction. You’ll need to speak to each faction representative to understand more about their background.

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If you’re playing New World with friends and they’ve already chosen a faction, it’s recommended to join the same faction as them so you can join the same company, or at least not have them kill you in PvP.

Server Balance

You can take a look at your server’s faction balance to weigh up which faction you want to belong to. If you join the faction with the highest number of players, you’re more likely to get bonuses.

However, there’s less chance you’ll be chosen to participate in wars. If you don’t have friends who play New World or don’t want to be part of the biggest faction, you can pick and choose as you please.

New World Factions

There are three factions in New World:

  • Marauders – A ruthless military force, the Marauders are hell bent on achieving a free nation. Those who have the strength to do so can prosper and profit as a Marauder.
  • Syndicates – Become part of a secretive organization in search of forbidden knowledge to push forward a new age of enlightenment.
  • Covenant – Covenants are a fanatical order that focuses on cleansing the world of heretics and defilers to establish the land’s holy nature.

What Does Belonging To A Faction In New World Mean?

Once you’ve chosen your faction in New World, you can speak to your faction’s representative. From here, you can accept and complete faction missions in PvE or PvP.

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Each mission will reward you with faction tokens, allowing you to buy rewards from the faction store.

Completing a PvP mission will also gain you faction influence which you can use to declare war.

Faction Rewards

By earning faction tokens, you can purchase rewards from your faction leader. Each faction offers different rewards that you can buy with faction tokens.

In addition, each faction offers different tiers which you can unlock by capping the faction reputation at each rank. You’ll need to complete a task once you reach the reputation cap to advance to the next tier.

Marauder Missions

Marauder InitiationNoneN/ANone
Marauder Advancement: GladiatorTrial of the Gladiator253,000
Marauder Advancement: RavagerTrial of the Ravager4011,000
Marauder Advancement: DestroyerTrial of the Destroyer5026,000
Marauder Advancement: CommanderTrial of the Commander6049,000

Syndicate Missions

Syndicate InitiationNoneN/ANone
Syndicate Advancement: ScrivenerTrial of the Scrivener253,000
Syndicate Advancement: ChroniclerTrial of the Chronicler4011,000
Syndicate Advancement: CabalistTrial of the Cabalist5026,000
Syndicate Advancement: AlchemistTrial of the Alchemist6049,000

Covenant Missions

Covenant InitiationNoneN/ANone
Covenant Advancement: TemplarTrial of the Templar253,000
Covenant Advancement: ExcubitorTrial of the Excubitor4011,000
Covenant Advancement: LumenTrial of the Lumen5026,000
Covenant Advancement: AdjudicatorTrial of the Adjudicator6049,000

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