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New World Expeditions

by Georgie Peru
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At the time of launch, there are six New World expeditions to complete. While you can access them at any time, New World expeditions form part of the main story questline.

The first expedition becomes available at around level 25, taking you to the Amrine Expedition. After crafting the Amrine Orb, you’ll gain access to your first dungeon in New World.

Note: Only one player needs to hold the Amrine Orb in order to enter the expedition as a group.

New World Expeditions List

  • Amrine Excavation – Players must find the missing archaeologist team at the dig site.
  • Starstone Burrows – Ancient enemies, structures, and obelisks.
  • The Depths – Players will face corrupted enemies and a notable villain.
  • Dynasty Shipyard – The Empress is building a fleet that will shake the balance of power on Aeternum.
  • Lazarus Instrumentality – An end-game expedition with puzzles that will try and stop you.
  • Garden of Genesis – Players must find the source of blight and stop the blight-afflicted plants.

New World Expeditions Level Requirements

Although you can technically enter any of the New World expeditions at any level, providing you have the minimum number of players, it’s not recommended to do this.

Most New World dungeons will need a Tank, Healer, and three DPS players.

Here are the recommended level requirements to enter each New World expedition.

  • Amrine Excavation – Located in Windsward, level 25
  • Starstone Burrows – Located in Everfall, level 35
  • The Depths – Located in the Restless Shore, level 45
  • Dynasty Shipyard – Located in Ebonsclae Reach, level 55
  • Lazarus Instrumentality – Located in Reekwater, level 65
  • Garden of Genesis – Located in Edengrove, level 65

Expeditions feature spawn points that allow you to respawn within a New World expedition without having to exit and re-enter. If your entire party falls, you can respawn in the expedition and continue with your journey.

If you want to leave a New World expedition at any point, you can open the map and click Leave Expedition.

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