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New World Axe Build Guide

by Georgie Peru
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If you want to learn the best New World Axe build for PvP and PvE, you’ve come to the right place! After sinking in many hours to Amazon’s popular new MMO, we can reveal that the Great Axe is one of the best and most powerful weapons.

For DPS roles, it’s a slower alternative, but one that hits hard and racks up serious damage.

Before you start compiling your Axe build, you’ll need to use the Great Axe in New World to gain some weapon levels.

As with any weapon in the game, you’ll need to kill enemies to increase your weapon’s XP. When you level up, you’ll be able to assign attribute points to skills within each weapon’s skill tree.

Table of Contents

  1. Best New World Axe PVP Build
  2. Great Axe Skill Tree Abilities (PVP)
  3. War Hammer Skill Tree Abilities
  4. Best New World Gems for Axe Build
  5. Best New World Axe PVE Build
  6. Great Axe Skill Tree Abilities (PVE)
  7. Hatchet Skill Tree Abilities

1. Best New World Axe PVP Build

If you’re looking for the best PvP build for your Great Axe, you’ll want to combine the use of the Great Axe and War Hammer in New World.

The idea is to round up all the enemies within an area, then deal damage using AoE (Area of Effect) skills.

Attribute Points should be spent in Strength as the Great Axe and War Hammer use strength as their primary attribute. The remaining attribute points should be put into Constitution so that you have enough health to withstand the damage taken.

Great Axe Skill Tree Abilities (PVP)

The recommended Great Axe abilities in New World for the best PvP build are as follows:

  • Reap – This skill allows you to recover health quickly while damaging nearby foes.
  • Charge – Enemies cannot interrupt you when using the abilitiy, allowing you to close short distances.
  • Gravity Well – Pull enemies closely in a cluster. Once upgraded, Gravity Well can soak up projectiles.

War Hammer Skill Tree Abilities

Many players who opt for a Tank build in New World will combine the Great Axe and War Hammer to offer crowd control and plenty of AoE damage.

  • Shockwave – Primary AoE damage with the addition of being able to stun enemies.
  • Path of Destiny – When enemies are bunched up together, this skill deals a good amount of damage.
  • Armor Breaker – Use this ability against armoured enemies.

Best New World Gems for Axe Build

Inserting the following gems into your gem slots will help create the best Axe build in New World:

  • Armor – Opal gems increase fire and ice elemental damage absorption.
  • Great Axe – Emerald gems can increase the damage dealth against enemies with low health.
  • War Hammer – Malachite gems increase damage against enemies who are afflicted with crowd control.

2. Best New World Axe PVE Build

If you’re not planning any PvP, you’ll want to consider the best PvE build for your Great Axe in New World. The Great Axe can be combined with the Hatchet to deal plenty of damage in PvE groups like New World Expeditions or when playing solo.As with the PvP build, the focus on your stats should be on Strength and Constitution. Rather than using Heavy Armour as you would in the PvP build, Medium Armour is better suited to the PvE build.

Great Axe Skill Tree Abilities (PVE)

As well as dealing plenty of damage in PvP, the Great Axe is also a recommended choice for the best PvE Axe builds in New World.

  • Reap – Pulls nearby foes, allowing you to deal a lot of damage.
  • Execute – Enemies with less than 50% health will receive 300% weapon damage. It helps to hit enemies from behind.
  • Gravity Well – If you’re in a group, you can gather enemies in a cluster to allow ranged DPS to hit more than one enemy at once.

Hatchet Skill Tree Abilities

In PvE, you can combine the Hatchet, which is a fast DPS weapon, to increase damage and bring enemies closer.

  • Beserk – Increases damage by 20% when active.
  • Feral Rush – If you’re far away, this skill helps to close the distance and allows you to hit your enemies twice in a row.
  • Raging Torrent – At close range, this attacks four times and deals 90% of weapon damage on each hit.

Rounding Up The Best New World Axe Build

This guide should provide everything you need to create the best Axe build in New World. We have various build guides available, so if you’re thinking about switching things up, or you want to try your hand at different weapons, we’ve got you covered.

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