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New Ark Map Crystal Isles Coming Soon

by Kegan Mooney
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Next week is set to be a pretty exciting week for Ark players, not only have we got an awesome new flyer coming, but also Ark’s latest map Crystal Isles.

Tropeognathus aka Tropeo

Crystal Isles will be released on June 4th alongside the Tropeognathus and will bring with it some exciting new skins to the game. The concept of having another unique flyer is a very exciting and welcomed addition to Ark.

Made by community members, Isolde Gaming, Lillian and iSPEZZ back in 2016 Crystal Isle is already a well known and loved map.

Ark Survival Evolved is now coming up to it’s 5th year anniversary and the Crystal Isle is likely to be the first of many exciting events to grace our servers over the coming month.

The Crystal Isles is an absolutely stunning map, with various beautifully designed biomes, which Studio Wildcard themselves described as being other-wordly.

Both the new Crystal Isles map and the new flyer, Tropeognathus will be available free of charge and will also undoubtedly be followed by events from Studio wildcard to celebrate the 5th year anniversary.

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