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Nascence Puzzle Demo Preview A Promising New Horror

by Kegan Mooney
5 Minutes read

When I was offered to review the puzzle demo for Nascence, I must admit, it was not a game I had heard of before but being a huge fan of horror games such as Resident Evil, I was very psyched to see how this one would turn out.

Nascence’s Graphics

This has to be the first thing to mention here, the graphics in Nascence are stunning, running the game with everything set to epic, looks… Well, epic.

Nascence Game Preview

The first demo is just showing us the puzzle aspects that Nascence has to offer, and likely shouldn’t take that long to complete, I say shouldn’t because it actually took me ages, but not because I struggled with the puzzles, I was taken by the scenery, every few steps wanting to stop and take a screenshot for the review.

Another thing I noticed about the game’s graphics was how well the lighting works, in horror games, there are so many times where a great, potentially scary game is let down by poor atmospheric design.

Inside buildings, the lighting perfectly reflects through the windows, with the light of the moon adding a subtle yet creepy atmosphere, one in which I cannot wait to fully explore upon release.

Nascence gameplay

Nascence’s Gameplay

Nascence has a good balance of puzzles, some are pretty easy, taking only a matter of minutes to work out, with others being a bit more complicated.

As a whole, none of the puzzles gave me too much of a headache, which is great as too many horror games can become ruined by overly complicated puzzles, which let’s face it, we all end up Googling to complete, that then takes us away from the enjoyment of the actual game.

As for the horror side of the game, at the moment, there was nothing in there that gave me any jump scares, but this is just a puzzle demo, so we need to wait and see what comes next.

Nascence witch

The game is set in a small French village called Reluné, which has a history of hanging witches, one of which you can read about both at the museum in town and on a plaque beneath the tree in which she was hung from on the outskirts of the village.

With a deadly disease on the loose, is there a connection between these witch hangings, or is that superstition, and this is simply a natural disaster, that’s a mystery in which I cannot wait to uncover.


If like me you are into your horror games, I highly recommend giving Nascence a try when it comes out later in the year.

Just from a short puzzle demo alone, I can see that Nascence is packed full of potential, and with such stunning graphics, I really am looking forward to getting stuck into what looks like will be an interesting story surrounding a beautiful village.

Even though the Nascence review here has only covered the short part of the game the demo allowed, I certainly think this is going to be a game to watch out for.

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