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Movers in Paradise Review The Latest Moving Out DLC

When we first played Moving Out we had an absolute blast, we really do enjoy it when we get a chance to sit on the couch and test a game together, so with already having enjoyed Moving Out so much, we were overjoyed to be invited to review the new Moving Out DLC Movers in Paradise.

If you’re new to Moving Out and thinking about getting both the game and the DLC, it’s no issue to do so, there isn’t a story, so getting the DLC straight away is no issue at all.

Of course, before you can get stuck in, you must update your FART training, leaning some new skills that will come in handy with the DLC’s new puzzle mechanics.

Moving Out DLC Fart

What’s New in Movers in Paradise

When you’re looking at getting DLC, the important question is how much new content this DLC adds to my game, in some cases its simply not worth the money, but that’s not been the case with Movers in Paradise.

The new expansion offers a whopping 24 new levels, based on a tropical theme, hence the paradise part of the name.

Of course as you would expect from a Moving Out expansion, expect some completely bonkers level designs with extremely nuts challenges. Just as you think this game can’t get any crazier, they hit us with this whacky DLC.

You and your fellow FARTs have taken a well deserved island getaway break in the tropical island Packmore Island, but instead of chilling on the beach as any old fart should, they are persuaded to pack as many items as humanly possible into the back of their truck…Again.

Movers in paradise Review

Whilst the main concept of the game has remained much the same, which is a good thing I might add, the new maps and obstacles add some really cool new challenges to overcome.

They seem to have got the right balance of adding new mechanics, without drawing away from the main games mechanics too much, it’s all too often we see games that are ruined by DLC’s adding pointless new mechanics, I was so happy to see this wasn’t the case with Movers in Paradise.

Movers in paradise

One of the things I really love about this Moving Out DLC is that there is no right or wrong answer to overcoming challenges, no matter what you do, there will always be another way that you could have got past a challenge. This is one of the reasons I personally find both moving out and the Movers in Paradise DLC to have so much replayability.

As I started making my way through the challenges, I found that I had gone from trying to hit the gold medal times, to just hoping I could make it in time to complete the challenge at all.

As you progress further, you’ll face new challenges. Sometimes you’ll be moving items in an ancient temple, then you’ll be shifting cannons over a wobbly bridge. It’s all fun and games! New mechanics are introduced fairly often, from elemental puzzles to directing objects with moveable fans.

For such an affordable DLC, Movers in Paradise offers a lot of content on every level. Each level offers replayability, allowing you to complete tasks in different ways to achieve your goals. The new mechanics invite players to get creative, coming up with new ways to complete each mission.

Once you’ve obtained enough tokens in Movers in Paradise, you’ll unlock a further ten levels that you can play in the Packmore Island arcade. Here you’ll find more challenges, but I won’t spoil the fun for you.

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  • Great new mechanics
  • Solid couch Co-Op gameplay
  • Replayability
  • Not as fun solo
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