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Minecraft VR is the next step for the ‘block’ buster game series released in 2009 taking the game to the next level by immersing players into the world to explore in ways you have never been able to before.

I picked up a copy last week on my Samsung Gear powered by Oculus. Whilst many of the VR games available to the device has left me significantly underwhelmed, the same cannot be said for Minecraft VR.

Whilst many of the reviews I have seen out there would disagree with me, compared to other VR games available I found it very easy to control, with controller integration making this even more fluid and easy to use.

Credit: Zueljin Gaming

The only real issue I had was the landscape and surroundings were almost to amazing, I found myself constantly wanting to explore and take in more of my surroundings, to the point that I actually kept forgetting to build and keep myself safe at night.

The Gear VR hasn’t had the greatest of library of games to play, and many of the ones available are no more than a mere gimmick, where as Minecraft VR is a game you can actually sink time into and enjoy.

As per any VR game, it’s not recommended for anyone under the age of 13 years old and I would really recommend taking breaks between playing, no matter how well developed a VR game might be, it can cause eye strain if used for prolonged periods.

Another fun perk to the VR edition is fighting monsters, having a spider or an arrow hurtling towards your face can make the threat and dangers of your VR Minecraft world so much more real.

You can also play with other players, no matter if they have a VR headset or not, meaning that if you are the only person you know with a VR headset, you don’t need to enjoy your world alone, you can still play with your friends on console editions or PC.

minecraft vr cross play

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Minecraft is one of the biggest selling games for a reason, it's educational, it's entertaining and in 10 years continues to grow and develop. VR, the next stage of Minecraft's development deserves some recognition, it's helping bring some much needed longevity to VR gaming, and has clearly been developed well to ensure that it's easy to use and continues to keep Minecrafts good name. It's ability to play cross platform, and also be able to pickup your creations on a console or PC should you not want to use it for long periods makes it even better. It's a breath of fesh air to be able to feel good as writing a review for a VR game, sadly something that is still rare, even in this day and age.
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