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Should You Let Drax Throw Rocket In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Game?

by Kegan Mooney
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Rocket ‘definitely not a raccoon’ has been through some flark in his lifetime. But the real question here is, do we let Drax throw Rocket across the bridge, adding to his trauma, or find another way around?

What happens if you don’t toss rocket across the bridge

Well, the first thing you need to ask yourself here is, would you toss a raccoon across a bridge in real life? If the answer is yes, jump off your computer, and check yourself into the nearest psychiatric hospital for help.

If the answer is no, congrats, you’re a normal person, or at least you are when it comes to animal etiquette.

Ultimately, there is not much difference between either outcome. No matter if you throw him across the bridge or not, but by not doing so, you will have to find an alternative route to cross the bridge.

The alternative route around the bridge isn’t exactly too challenging. It only takes a couple of minutes to achieve.

So if you would rather not anger an already emotional raccoon, you’re better just taking the slightly longer way, and not having Drax toss Rocket.

The other benefit to not throwing Rocket is that you will have the chance to find items whilst looking around for an alternative route.

What happens if you do toss Rocket across the bridge

Would you like to be tossed over a massive canyon? No.

Well, neither does Rocket. Letting Drax throw Rocket will make Rocket upset with you. This ultimately doesn’t affect the game, but do you really want a mad Raccoon in a confined spaceship with you?

Finding another way around the bridge

Considering it only takes a mere couple of minutes to find a way around, I personally wouldn’t anger the Raccoon. Ultimately there’s not much difference either way, and the game seems to produce the sense of consequence that ultimately doesn’t really exist.

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