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Kingdoms Reborn May 25 Update

by Georgie Peru

Avid Kingdoms Reborn fans will be pleased to hear about the latest May 25 update. The update is live via the Steam BETA branches and can be accessed by following our guide here.

The latest update contains new tech trees, buildings, and UI changes. Here’s an overview of what’s in the latest Kingdoms Reborn update:

  1. Upgrades Tech Tree
  2. New Townhall
  3. More House Levels
  4. UI Changes
  5. Revamped Card Illustrations

Kingdoms Reborn Update: Tech Tree

In Kingdoms Reborn, science points are generated in order to progress along the tech tree. Previous to the latest Kingdoms Reborn update, science points could only be spent in the main tech tree.

Housing upgrades would happen when a certain amount of houses reached a specific level. Now the old house upgrades tree has been removed and been replaced with an Upgrades Tech Tree.

Tech Tree

kingdoms reborn tech tree

The Tech Tree has been revamped to include different ages. The ages are:

  • Dark Age
  • Middle Age
  • Enlightment Age
  • Industrial Age

There have also been updates to the requirements in order to progress further through each age. For example, to unlock the Magic Mushroom Farm in Kingdoms Reborn, players will need 80 houses upgraded to level 4.

kingdoms reborn update house upgrade tree

You can open up the Tech Tree by pressing U.

Upgrades Tech Tree

kingdoms reborn update house tech tree

Science points can now be spent on the new Upgrades Tech Tree, previously known as House Upgrades. Prior to the latest Kingdoms Reborn update, the number of houses and their levels would unlock bonuses like farm productivity and building combo.

You’ll need to spend your science points wisely, as the system is now more complex and challenging.

Note: This information is based on the May_25 branch, so tweaks are likely to happen as more patch updates are released.

Kingdoms Reborn Update: New Townhall

kingdoms reborn update townhall level 1

With the latest update, you’ll notice that the Townhall has changed somewhat. Villagers will now start with a tent, which can be upgraded with 500 coins.

kingdoms reborn update biome bonus townhall

Once the townhall has been upgraded to level 2, you’ll unlock a Biome Bonus. You can choose between two biome bonus cards which will offer some help depending on the biome you’ve started in.

Biome Bonus

starting biome bonus kingdoms reborn

Each biome will now receive a Biome Bonus. The biome bonus cards are designed to combat any negative effects you might receive from choosing a province.


  • Jungle Gatherer (+10% productivity for Fruit Gatherers)
  • Jungle Mushroom (+10% productivity for Mushroom Farms)


  • Grassland Hunting (+30% Hunting Lodge productivity)
  • Grass Fed (+10% Ranch productivity)

Boreal Forest or Tundra

  • Winter Fishing (+25% productivity to Fishing Lodges)
  • Winter Resistance (Wood/Coal gives 15% more heat)


  • Improved Farming (+5% productivity to Farms)
  • Improved Charcoal Making (+10% productivity of Charcoal Burner)

Kingdoms Reborn Update: House Levels

Much like the new Townhall, House Level 1 has replaced the previous first house level. House level 1 now resembles more of a tent/shack and can be upgraded with 1 type of luxury tier 1.

You can read our beginner’s guide for more information on housing levels.

Fixed Issues

  • Desync
  • Fort/Resource Outpost shouldn’t have quick build option
  • Library/School radius should display as affecting all houses (not just ones with luxury)
  • Service Buildings shouldn’t have card slots
  • The boat that travels from Intercity Logistics Port’s are currently resizing in a pulsing pattern
  • Shouldn’t see weird before game start in multiplayer
  • Ensure removal of Network Clog flag when a player disconnects
  • Left click the ocean before choosing start location. The info window will show up as “Furniture Workshop”…

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