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Kingdoms Reborn Starting Location Guide

by Georgie Peru
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Whether you’re a new Kingdoms Reborn player, or you’ve been playing for a while, your starting location can determine the rest of your Kingdom’s story.

When you initiate a new game in Kingdoms Reborn, in single-player or multiplayer, you’ll need to choose your game’s settings.

Note: This guide is based on the May_24 beta branch of Kingdoms Reborn. You can read our guide on how to change your Kingdoms Reborn game branch to gain access to the latest changes.

kingdoms reborn game setup settings

I find the following settings work quite well on a single player game:

  • Map Seed: You can choose to type anything here or randomize
  • Map Size: Medium
  • Sea Level: Very low
  • Moisture: Wet
  • Temperature: Medium
  • Mountain Density: Medium
  • AI Players: 3
  • Difficulty: Normal

These are ideal single-player settings for beginners to Kingdoms Reborn or players who want a more casual game with its own challenges.

Kingdoms Reborn Best Starting Location Overview

  1. Select a province with low disease frequency (e.g. Boreal Forest)
  2. Find a location near a body of water and rivers
  3. Scout the area for additional resources like resource crates and shrines
  4. Choose an area with easy luxury tier items like Tulips and Cannabis
  5. Consider mid-game needs like Coal and Iron

Kingdoms Reborn Starting Province

When choosing your starting location, you’ll want to choose a province with a lower disease frequency (like Boreal Forest). This will make things much easier at the start of the game, reducing the risk of your citizens succumbing to diseases and requiring more medicinal potions or herbs.

kingdoms reborn disease frequency forest tile

It’s also essential for the start of the game to find a province located near a body of water. If you can find a body of water with a river close by, you’ll be setting yourself up for later in the game.

Water allows you to place a Fishing Lodge so your citizens have access to a food source early on. While you won’t need to use a river just yet, rivers are useful for accessing higher tech buildings. Why? Because you can only place a Claypit next to a river (not a body of water).

Clay is used for forging Bricks which are required for more advanced buildings. Although you can import Clay via a Trading Post or similar, it will be far more expensive than producing it yourself.

Another Kingdoms Reborn tip is to scout your starting area before you lay down your roots. There are tiles that give you access to resource crates. These crates give you the option to choose up to 100x resources e.g. wood, coal, jewelry, etc.

kingdoms reborn resource crates

Some tiles contain tribes of villagers; when unlocked, you will be asked if the tribe can join your kingdom. If you’re short on citizens, this is a quick and easy way to get some much-needed bodies on the ground.

Kingdoms Reborn Starter Resources

As well as selecting a province to build your townhall on, you should consider what resources are nearby. Areas with Cannabis or Tulips are perfect for giving your citizens intial luxury.

kingdoms reborn starting resources luxuries

One Cannabis farm or Tulip Farm will be plenty to easily advance to the Middle Age.

As you progress through the ages in Kingdoms Reborn, you’ll need to weigh up which other resources you might need. If you’re struggling to produce enough wood to heat your homes, you’ll want to consider mining coal which is more effective and in some cases easier to get.

When your population starts to grow, you’ll start running out of tools. Unless you want to import Steel Tools at an extortionate cost, you’ll need to find an area with access to Iron Ore. You’ll then be able to unlock a Blacksmith who can craft Steel Tools for your workers.

Leveling Houses

Updated to May_25 branch

Previous to the May 25th update, higher-level houses would unlock house upgrades. When you had 7 complete houses that meet level 1 requirements, you’ll unlock house level 1+.

Now that the house upgrades tree has been removed, you can spend Science points on the new upgrade tree.

kingdoms reborn guide luxury tier

To level up your houses from 1 to 8, you’ll need to meet House Appeal requirements and Luxury Goods.

House Appeal

If you want to upgrade a house to level 5, you’ll need at least 70% appeal and the relevant luxuries. When you place a house down, the appeal level (percentage) will be displayed. I always try to aim for 100% appeal, but if you’re stuck for space initially, you shouldn’t place a house lower than 70%.

If you meet the house appeal and luxury requirements on the lowest appeal of 70%, your houses will automatically upgrade until level 5.

To upgrade past level 5, you’ll need house appeal to be at least 80% for level 6, and 90% or higher for level 7. Houses with a higher appeal level pay more coins towards your income.

To further increase appeal, you can place the following ornaments which become available later on in the game:

  • Shrubbery (increases surrounding appeal by 5 within 5 tiles radius)
  • Flower Bed (increases surrounding appeal by 5 within 5 tiles radius)
  • Garden Cypress (increases surrounding appeal by 8 within 5 tiles radius)
  • Garden (increases surrounding appeal by 5 within 11 tiles radius)

Luxury Goods

If you click on one of your houses, you’ll see a list displayed which contains Luxury Goods tiers. The tiers are as follows:

  • Fuel (Level 1+ houses)
  • Tier 1 (Level 1+ houses)
  • Tier 2 (Level 3+ houses
  • Tier 3 (Level 5+ houses)

Each luxury good falls into a tier:

  • Tier 1: Beer, Cannabis, Furniture, Pottery, Tulip
  • Tier 2: Clothes, Wine, Candles, Vodka, Magic Mushroom, Coffee, Glassware
  • Tier 3: Book, Fashionable Clothes, Jewelry, Chocolate

To advance your house to the next level, you’ll need a certain amount of each luxury within each tier. In addition to the requirements below, you’ll need at least 3 luxuries from the previous tier. For example, Level 5 requires at least 3x tier 1 luxury plus 3x tier 2 luxuries:

  • Level 1: Tier 1 (x1)
  • Level 2: Tier 1 (x1)
  • Level 3: Tier 1 (x3)
  • Level 4: Tier 2 (x1)
  • Level 5: Tier 2 (x3)
  • Level 6: Tier 3 (x1)
  • Level 7: Tier 3 (x3)


Another factor to consider is fertility. Fertile ground is required to plant crops using the Farm. The higher the fertility percentage, the better your crows will grow.

If you have a small amount of fertile land, don’t be put off by not placing a farm. You can start your farm tiles on the fertile land and spread the tiles out to a maximum of 64.

The fertility will average out based on the land you’ve covered. You can view the fertility by zooming in close to the selected tile, or zooming out to see the average fertility of the selected province.

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