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How To Change The Beta Branch In Kingdoms Reborn

by Georgie Peru

Kingdoms Reborn is a challenging and exciting RTS, building, and resource management game. It’s currently in Early Access on Steam and receives regular updates from the development team.

Did you know you can change the beta branch in Kingdoms Reborn via Steam to access the latest content? That’s right! Rather than waiting for the next update or patch, you can dive in and gain full access to the most recent development changes.

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Note: Changing the beta branch may require you to restart your game and previous saves may not be available. Beta branches are in development so expect bugs.

Changing Beta Branch Kingdoms Reborn

We’re going to take you through the process of updating the beta branch in your Kingdoms Reborn game via Steam.

Follow the simple instructions below to get access to all of the latest development updates before they are released.

1. Locate Kingdoms Reborn in Steam

kingdoms reborn beta steam

Navigate to your Steam Library then click on Kingdoms Reborn under your list of games. You can see in the image above my game is set to Kingdoms Reborn [may_14] which indicates the latest branch.

2. Kingdoms Reborn Properties

change beta branch kingdoms reborn properties

Right click on the Kingdoms Reborn game under your Steam library list and click on Properties.

This will open up a new window in Steam and will select the General tab by default.

3. Change Beta Branch

kingdoms reborn beta select

Select the Betas tab from the left-hand side menu.

This will allow you to click the Betas drop-down list, enabling you to select the beta branch you’d like to play.

When you change the beta branch in Kingdoms Reborn, Steam will download the latest changes. If you’re playing on multiplayer or co-op with your friends, you must make sure you’re on the same version of Kingdoms Reborn, otherwise, the game won’t work.

Keep Up To Date With Kingdoms Reborn

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest Kingdoms Reborn news, use the social icons below to find out more.

The Kingdoms Reborn Discord community is full of useful tips, tricks, and suggestions. 

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