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King of Seas Review – Not Your Average Pirate Game

by Kegan Mooney

Being a big fan of pirate games, I have been looking forward to King of Seas for some time now, I know there have been a couple of pirate games over recent years, Sea of Thieves being the most popular, but personally, I wasn’t a big fan, so something fresh from the sea is always welcomed.

King of Seas Story

King of seas is surprisingly story-driven, with players taking up the mantle of a prince or princess, which after a short bout of naval training finds themselves accused of the murder of their father, the King of Seas.

After being framed for the murder, the young prince or princess finds themselves in the care of a small pirate crew who have taken them in and looked after them. 

Before long the pirates put you in command of your own ship, with a small crew and a mission to start your new lift of crime and uncover the truth behind your father’s killer, in doing so, clearing your name and restoring your seat to the throne.

Is King of Seas Like Sea of Thieves?

I have seen so many people reference King of Seas to being just like Sea of Thieves., it’s clear to me they have never played King of Seas because the two games are nothing alike at all, in fact, the only comparison between the two games is that they both have pirates in, that’s all.

Firstly King of Seas is a drop-down game, where players do not control the character, they control the ship, which of course, in Sea of Thieves players each work together to man a ship.


King of Seas Gameplay

When I first heard about King of Seas I was excited to jump in, I absolutely love pirate games and pirate TV shows, even though not all pirate games get it right, I was very optimistic about King of Seas.

Many pirate games seem to have blurred lines, between a pirate action-adventure and survival sandbox, whereas King of Seas knows exactly what it wants to be and nails it.

By keeping us in our boat and taking away the need to control an individual character, it has kept the game simple enough to not be overly complicated, while managing to keep the game fun with epic naval battles, using a vast arsenal of weapons at your crew and ships disposal.

There are some cool features too, like the ability to dock up at certain islands and trade for new weapons or resources, which will help you on your quest to prove your innocence.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pirate game if you didn’t then go and blow up some of the ships from the island you just traded with, but be warned, doing this too close to the island will turn them against you, bringing more ships against you and potentially stopping trade with you for a while.

King of Seas Ship Battles

As well as the usual cannon balls, you can also equip several different types of weapons onto your ship as special items, such as the flame thrower which can deal a devastating blow to your enemies.

When entering into battle, you also have to take wind into account, making a note of which way the wind is blowing could save you and your crew if you need to make a run for it.

There are different types of ships at various levels, so it’s extremely important to make sure you can actually win a battle before starting it, thankfully your ships first mate will warn you if you enter into an area where ships are likely to overwhelm you.


King Of Seas is a simple, yet enjoyable game, which hasn’t tried to over-complicate the genre, and as such has created a solid, and enjoyable gaming experience.

The story is your generic, prince / princess is accused of killing their father, becomes an enemy to the state and of course takes the most reasonable way out, becoming a terror of the seas as a pirate, on a mission to prove your innocence and gain your seat on the throne.

As is often the case, the games simplistic nature works in its favor, allowing players to crack on and enjoy the game without needing a degree in physics to operate the ship.

King of Seas is an action-adventure game which doesn’t take itself too seriously, adding a splash of humor makes it a joy to play though.

Finding enemies to fight in the procedurally generated open world maps doesn’t take long at all, so it doesn’t take long before you have mastered the helm and taking on enemy ships and completing missions.

Where to buy King of Seas?

For those of you looking for an adventure on the go, click here for the Nintendo Switch version of King of Seas.

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