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Jurassic World Evolution New Features

In the past Jurassic world evolution updates have been far and few between, or severed as paid DLC.

As I have mentioned before, Jurassic World Evolution is one of those games I really want to love, but don’t.

It lacks the freedom that Planet Coaster offers and seems to be below par compared to other games developed by Frontier.

The developers are clearly talented as can be seen with Planet Coaster, hence the high rating, but clearly profits and DLC are driving this game’s potential away.

However, there are still updates coming in, and sometimes they are even free. I will save you from my normal rant and frustrations of paying for DLC on a game with such little content.

Let’s have a look at what’s been added in the past few months, and included in free updates.

Camera & filters:

Jurassic World Evolution New features
Filtered Screenshot from Xbox one X

Whilst I still believe that the updates are too little too late, the new camera mode and filters have produced some great results for me.

I have found it very enjoyable flying around my park taking some fantastic images of my dinosaurs. In fact, I may have enjoyed this more than playing the actual game.

Perhaps if Frontier could allow us more control of the design and layout of our parks my views could change to a much more positive perspective.

Jurassic world evolution terrain tools:

As well as taking some pretty cool pictures now, we also have terrain tools, however don’t get too excited.

The new terrain tools are simply the ability to spray the ground with textures that in honesty are hardly noticeable.

Add palms trees or a rock to your park, not exactly enough to change many people’s already pretty negative views of the game.

Personally I was hoping for something a bit more exciting, something that gave us the freedom to truly personalize our parks, instead we got a palm tree and a rock.

Gyrosphere gates:

Jurassic World Evolution updates have recently also included the new Gyrosphere gates, a welcomed addition to the game.

Definitely one of the better updates recently, this gives you the ability to build gates between pens.

This allows guests to see multiple dinosaur enclosures on one trip.

If used wisely this could save your budget too, as you wont need to buy as many Gyrosphere stations.

The recent updates have undoubtedly improved the game, however I just wish these updates were coming in quicker and with more content.

Personally I wish there was a wider variety of building to bring the city building style to the game.

The Jurassic park themed game has a long way to go, but with all the criticism there is still hope.

I check in every once in a while, wishing I will see the game I long to play.

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