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How to Unlock all the Grounded Mutations

by Kegan Mooney
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Grounded’s mutations were added in patch 0.2.0 and are a great system to help you survive the back yard, but how do you unlock all the Grounded mutations?

You can unlock many of them by just simply performing simple actions, such as chopping down grass or smashing rocks, some of them can be purchased, but all of them are not particularly hard to unlock once you know how.

All mutations as of 0.3.0

As the game is updated, it’s very likely there will be more mutations added, as that happens I will make sure to add them to the list, however if any are missed, please do let us know by contacting us.

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Mutations are a great way to help you survive in Grounded, so make sure to unlock or purchase as many as you can and ensure that you activate them and use them when the situations arise.

They don’t just help with combat, they can be used to help with swimming or even to make building easier by helping you cut grass or break rocks and clay much quicker.

You also want to make sure that you are using smoothies alongside your mutations, you can check out our handy smoothies guide if you don’t know how to make smoothies, or are not sure of what ingredients you need to use.

It can be a nightmare surviving the backyard in Grounded, so take the time to learn every tip and trick in the book to make sure you have the upper hand against all the creatures that will undoubtedly make your life harder than it already is.

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