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How To Take a Screenshot in Minecraft Java Edition

by Kegan Mooney

When you build something amazing in Minecraft it’s only natural you are going to want to show off your Minecraft creations to the world, but the game doesn’t make it overly obvious how to take screenshots in Minecraft, thankfully the process is very straight forwards.

How to take a screenshot in Minecraft

To take a screenshot in Minecraft Java Edition, simply press F2, you will then see some text in the bottom left of your screen, confirming that the screenshot has been taken and saved.

Minecraft Taking a screenshot
Minecraft Java Edition screenshot with HUD

You will notice that when you take your screenshot, it also captures your HUD (heads up display) if you simply press F1 this will remove the HUD, giving you a clean screenshot, without the HUD in it, just remember to press F1 again once you’ve taken the screenshot, to ensure that your HUD returns.

Minecraft Screenshots
Minecraft Java Edition screenshot without HUD

How to locate your Minecraft Java Edition screenshot

Now that you’ve taken your screenshot, where do you find it? This part is a little more tricky, as Java Edition screenshots are saved in a rather odd location.

To locate your Minecraft screenshots hold the windows key and press R, then in the run window copy and past the following command: %appdata%/.minecraft/screenshots hit enter and this should open up the folder with your screenshots in.

Once you have found the screenshot folder, you can simply make a shortcut to the folder on your desktop, or pin the folder to the quick access bar, making it much easier to get to your screenshots in the future.

Minecraft Textures

Now you know how to take Minecraft screenshots and where to find them, why not take a look at some Minecraft textures and shaders to make your creations look even better they are easy to install, and can change the entire look of your game in minutes, helping you to create some fantastic screenshots.

Did you know, you can even install texture packs on Minecraft Windows 10?

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