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How To Stop Ark HLNA Talking

by Kegan Mooney
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If you’ve been playing Ark’s most recent expansion, Genesis 2, then chances are you’ve noticed just how talkative your robotic sidekick HLNA can be.

But thankfully there is a way to stop HLNA from talking so much, which also has options to adjust the levels of how quiet HLNA becomes.

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How to Stop HLNA Talking Completely

If you’ve had enough of HLNA and you want her to completely stop talking, you can. But she will still alert you of critical announcements, so don’t expect her to be completely silent.

Firstly, hover over your HLNA and hold E until the menu pops up. Once you see the menu, choose ‘Set Verbosity‘ which will allow you to pick how frequently HLNA talks.

There are 3 preset options you can choose from, as well as some additional dialog options.

  • Level 3: All HLNA dialog options are on, HLNA will talk every chance she gets
  • Level 2: Critical alerts and some minor personality dialog
  • Level 1: Critical alerts only

If you want HLNA to be quiet most of the time, the best option here is to pick level 1.

Ark HLNA Stop Talking Options

Now that you know how to set how much HLNA talks based on presets, we can look at changing how much HLNA talks per individual talking line.

When picking a dialog preset, you will also notice an option for additional dialog options, this is where you can further tweak how much HLNA talks and what triggers it.

ArK Stop HLNA Talking

While HLNA can be annoying, some of the alerts are useful. So have a play with the settings until you find a level that you find more helpful than intrusive.

What Else Can I Do With HLNA?

If you’re new to Ark: Survival Evolved, or just the Genesis expansions, you might not know that HLNA also has a built-in shop. This allows players to spend their Hexagon points in exchange for various items and even Engram points.

Every now and then, you might notice HLNA flash. When this happens, look at her and press E, which should show ‘Say Hello‘. Doing so will award the player with Hexagon points, which can then be spent in the shop.

You can also earn more Hexagon points by completing missions in both Ark Genesis 1 and Genesis 2.

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