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How to Reach Camp Level 4 in Drake Hollow Quickly

Reaching camp level 4 is one of the quests near the start of Drake Hollow, but how do you quickly reach camp level 4 in Drake Hollow? We’ve taken a look at the best ways and how they will affect your camp.

There are a couple of ways to level up your camp, when you are first starting out though, and need to get past the quest to reach camp level 4, the quickest way is much simpler than you might think.

When I first started playing and tried to level up my camp, I focused on pushing my Drakes to a higher level, by doing so you will get better buffs and the Drakes will give you more charms, which in turn will help you to expand quicker.

Drakes Hollow Charms
Collecting Charms from a Drake

To level up your Drakes you need to collect crystals, which come in a variety of assorted colors and each Drake has their own preference, making it a much slower way to level up your camp than other ways.

The downside to leveling up your camp this way is that the needs of each Drake you level up will increase per age increase, making them harder to keep happy and causing strain on your camp, so it’s not the best tactic straight away and is much slower, I found this out the hard way.

What’s the quickest way to level up your Drake Hollow camp to level 4

The most efficient way happens to be the quickest and most simple solution, find more hibernating Drake’s and pull them out of hibernation.

Drakes Hollow Lighthouse
Lighthouse in Drake Hollow

At this point in the game, you should have already visited the top of the lighthouse, but what you might not have noticed is that by doing so, you can now see the location of hibernating Drake’s just waiting to be woken up.

If you look at your map, you should notice that there are now some circles around some of the islands, if you hover over these, you will see that these are highlighting the location for hibernating Drake’s, by waking each of them up you will get camp XP, making the quest pass in no time.

Drakes Hollow hibernating Drakes
Highlighted Drake’s on the map

Just remember, for each Drake you wake up, the requirements at your camp will increase, as they will need more food, drink, and entertainment, so make sure you have stocked up on all of them before adding new Drake’s to the camp, as the Crow tells you near the start, the Drake’s can die from boredom.

Drake Hollow Getting Camp Levels
Drake Found in Drake Hollow

While finding a Drake is much quicker than leveling one up, as waking a Drake doesn’t give you an entire level, if possible, it’s quicker to get crystals whilst on your travels to wake sleeping Drake’s and put both waking and leveling Drake’s together to get the camp leveled up in no time.

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