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How to Get Bones in V Rising

by Kegan Mooney
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While V Rising is undoubtedly a great game, farming all the right items to turn your vampire into a nocturnal killing machine can sometimes be a little difficult, and while bones are everywhere in V Rising, it can be hard to find enough for your needs.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to speed up the process, and get bones quicker in V rising, letting you get geared up quicker and making it easier to focus on killing humans for V blood.

Killing Enemies for Bones

Lets start with the most obvious way to get bones in V Rising first, as you would expect, killing certain enemies will result in bones being dropped, but knowing which enemies and where to find them can make it easier.

Kill Animals

Animals in V Rising are a great source of bones, while they shouldn’t be your primary method of farming bones, you will pass plenty of animals on your travels, which will be able to keep you topped up with bones on the way.

Wolves are are a particularly good source of bones as they travel in packs, they’re not worth going out of your way to hunt for bones, but are certainly worth killing for a few extra bones if you pass a pack.

Travel to a Cemetery

There are several cemeteries scattered across the map, these are all filled with skeletons that drop bones when they are killed. If you’re not sure how to find a cemetery, simply open up your map and look through the map at all the camps, the map will then show you what loot is dropped at each camp.

It’s not just skeletons that give you bones in the cemeteries in V Rising, you will see plenty of graves around the cemetery too, smashing these with your weapon will also give you bones too, making the journey much more worth your time.

Building a Tomb

Tombs are another great way of getting bones quicker in V Rising as players can simply use blood roses to spawn their own skeletons, killing them and picking up the bones they drop.

As well as spawning skeletons, you can also use them to spawn other creatures, once you have defeated the right bosses, and can also be a great way to farm grave dust.

Before you can build the tomb you need to defeat Goreswine the Ravager a level 27 V blood that shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

Once you have defeated Goreswine, simply build the tomb in an outside area of your castle, and fill it up with blood roses, and wait for skeletons to spawn.

Send Servants on Missions

Using servants is one of the easiest ways to get bones, and as you gear up your servants and start sending more than one of them on missions, the yield will increase.

Simply sit on the throne and look through the areas for ones that offer bones, in many cases these will also offer grave dust, making them not only the easiest way to farm bones, but the most profitable too.

Depending on how long you decide to make the hunt last, and how many servants go on the hunt, the amount of bones you receive will adjust accordingly.

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