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How to Find Briar Buds in New World

by Kegan Mooney
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If you’re trying to level up fast in New World, you might have looked to purchase some mana potions to speed up town board quests, but as it stands the cost to purchase these outweigh the time it takes to craft them.

What Do Briar Bushes Look Like?

The first thing is to know what you’re looking for, and Brair bushes look a lot like blackberry bushes, they are wide prickly bushes that might not be the easiest to tell apart from general foliage.

New World Briar Bushes
Briar Bush In New World

It’s rare to find just one by itself, so at least you know if you find one, you can pick up a few Briar buds by farming all the other bushes around it.

Where Do You Find Briar Bushes?

Briar Bushes can often be found close to Fisherman’s Bend in Windsward, very close to where you find Rivercress, and conveniently next to the hermit shrine.

Just like the Rivercress, Briar bushes, which produce Briar buds, can be found right next to the water, so make sure to look around ponds, lakes, and rivers for them.

If you don’t have any luck in Windsward, also take a look at the rivers that run through Monarch’s Bluffs, as there are also tons of Briar bushes that grow throughout the region’s rivers.

While the two regions I’ve mentioned are full of Briar bushes, they are a very common bush, that can be found all over the map, so it makes much more sense to farm the buds than it does to waste your money on buying them in the market.

What Are Briar Buds Used For?

Briar buds are used to make mana potions, that can either be used to complete town board quests or to replenish your mana.

Briar bushes are also useful for those of you that enjoy fishing in New World, as the bush also has a chance of producing Fireflies, that can be used as bait.

Where to Find Fireflies in New World

As mentioned above, you can find Fireflies within Briar bushes, but this is just because the plants happen to grow close to water.

Fireflies in New World are found in most plants that you can gatther that you would find close to the water.

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