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How to find and recruit a Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion

by Kegan Mooney
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Watch Dogs Legion is the latest Ubisoft game to come out from the Watchdogs franchise and features an incredible recruitment system allowing you to pick and choose operatives, but two of the rarest potential recruits, the Spy and Hitman have left a few people confused.

Whilst you can scan anyone in the city of London, you have to remember you are limited to 45 operatives in total, it might seem like a lot, but it fills up quickly, so make sure to pick wisely.

Due to the restricted amount of operatives Dedsec can have, I highly recommend going for both the Spy and Hitman, both for obvious reasons have some incredible skills that will no doubt be a valuable asset to your team.

How to find and recruit a Spy in Watch Dogs Legion

It seems this method can be hit or miss, I’ve read comments and articles with people mentioning they have looked for hours and not found a spy, yet on my first attempt, I found two.

Head on over to the south of Lambeth and look for the MI6 building on the map, it’s right on the river.

Watch Dogs Legion MI6 Spy

Simply wander around the area next to the MI6 building scanning people along the way until you find yourself a Spy.

I have also seen several reports of people finding a Spy next to the Tower of London at night, although I have yet to confirm this myself.

Note: You cannot find a spy until you have completed the mission reporting for duty, you will also activate permadeath at this point if you have opted to play with permadeath on.

Unlocking a Spy by completing missions

The next method guarantees you will get a Spy, but the issue with this method is that the spy you get, like much of the game, is completely random, so if you don’t like them, you will need to get out there and look for a new one to recruit.

Watch Dogs Spy

My Spy, pictured above isn’t the most menacing looking operative, but he will do for now, until I get out there and start looking for a new one to replace him.

So, getting back to the point, to unlock the spy via missions, you want to make the borough of Westminster defiant by completing the liberation missions marked in red and black on the map and freeing the citizens of Westminster from the clutches of Albion.

Once you have completed these missions, you will then unlock another mission which will reward you with your very own Spy.

The final mission ‘Like Clockwork’ involves climbing Big Ben with a Spider Bot and restoring the clock to its former glory. Once completed preparing to cruise the city of London in classic James Bond fashion.

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