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How to enroll in Minecraft Beta

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There are a couple of reasons to enroll onto the latest beta. Our guide will show you how to enroll in Minecraft beta for all versions of the game including console editions.

Enroll in Minecraft Java Edition Beta:

The Java edition of Minecraft calls the beta versions ‘snapshots’ and these are regularly updated.

To update to the latest snapshot simply go to the launch options tab and click enable snapshot.

Once done you can select a particular snapshot you would like to run.

Enroll in Minecraft Beta Xbox One / Windows 10 :

This guide only applies to owners of the digital version of the game and sadly will not work if you own a physical copy (Disc).

Follow these steps to join the beta:

1. Go to the Store app on Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC.

2. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub app.

3. Download and install Xbox Insider Hub.

4. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub.

5. Navigate to Insider content -> Minecraft Beta.

6. Select Join.

Enroll in Minecraft Beta for Android:

For the Android version, joining the Minecraft beta is as simple as clicking a link, this link to be precise.

You can also use the same link to leave the beta program too.

Why Join?

Joining the insider program gives you access to beta’s such as the Minecraft one. However there are likely to be bugs, which is why you are given access to help make the game better by finding and reporting them.

How to tell if you have joined

Most versions of the game will have Beta written by the title of the game.

On top of this you will see the version, FPS and other detailed information on the top of the screen.

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