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How to Earn Crowns in Fall Guys

by Kegan Mooney

Since its release in August 2020 Fall guys has taken gamers by storm. But how do you earn crowns in Fall Guys and get the best costumes?

You may think Fall Guys is like many other battle royale games, once you’ve mastered it, you will become a skillful ninja and win round after round, good luck with that!

Fall Guys is a party-style game in which luck has as much to play in it than anything else. There are some tactics you can use to get better; timing and other skills can also help, but luck does play the biggest part of it.

Level Up Your Fall Guys Season Pass:

Much Like Fortnite, which makes a regular appearance in the news, Fall Guys has seasons that can be leveled up, but Fall Guys calls the leveling system fame instead of XP.

Earn crowns in fall guys

When earning fame, you will get rewards for each level. As you can see in the above image, level 5 gives you a crown.

The bad news is that they are far and few between, so you will need to play a lot of games to make sure you level up to make crowns.

Each round you clear rewards more fame, so you don’t need to win a game, but try to stay in for as many rounds as you can, or you won’t get as much fame and therefore won’t level up as quickly.

Win Games for a Crown:

They don’t make getting crowns easy! Winning a game does earn you a crown, but have you won yet? No, me neither, it’s hard!

In fact, it’s so hard that the developers Mediatonic have actually made an achievement for winning 5 games in a row, which they have now deemed to be impossible, hopefully, someone will prove them wrong.

Sets cost 5 crowns per set piece, so for a full set, including top and bottoms, you would need 10 crowns in total.


At the moment there are only the two ways mentioned above to earn crowns in Fall Guys, but as the game is new, there is a chance more methods will be added in the future.

As soon as we hear about any new methods or tricks we will make sure to keep you posted, until then, I hope you enjoy bumbling through shows as your crazy yet cute characters as much as I do.

You don’t just need crowns in Fall Guys to get new outfits, you can use Kudos, another form of currency, which is awarded for each round you win in-game.

The difference is the Fall Guys outfits gained from crowns are much better and of course much rarer than the outfits from using kudos.

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