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How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

by Kegan Mooney

Have you ever made your way to a village in Minecraft, just to find loads of the villagers are zombies? It might be a natural instinct to simply kill them, but there is another way to deal with Minecraft zombie villagers.

You don’t have to kill those zombie villagers in Minecraft, there is a better way, they can be cured instead, and once they are cured, you can even trade with them.

Minecraft Zombie Villager

Zombie villagers look different from standard Minecraft zombies, and can be found at villages. Thankfully, curing a zombie villager is pretty straight forward.

Curing a Zombie Villager

To cure a zombie villager you first need to craft two items; a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple. Both items are fairly simple to craft.

How to Craft a Golden Apple

To craft a golden apple, simply open a crafting table and place an apple in the middle, then surround it with gold bars, and you will make a golden apple.

Golden apple in Mincraft

How to Craft a Splash Potion of Weakness

To make a splash potion of weakness, you first need to make a potion of weakness, which you can then turn into a splash potion of weakness.

Once you have a potion of weakness, open up your brewing stand and add your potion of weakness to the bottom slot and some gunpowder on the top slot. This will start brewing and make a splash potion of weakness.

How to Use the Items to Cure a Zombie Villager

Now that you have the items you need, find the zombie villager and throw the splash potion of weakness at it, this will weaken it and allow you to approach it, you will then be able to feed the zombie the golden apple you have created.

Cure a zombie villager in minecraft

You will know the cure has worked when you see some red circles coming from the zombie villager, but it will take between 2 to 5 minutes for the zombie villager to be cured.

If you build an iron bar prison around the zombie villager it will speed up the process by 4%, but this isn’t really needed.

Cured zombie villager

The zombie villager will then turn into a normal villager, and will continue to walk around and act like other villagers, as well as letting you trade with them.

Not only can you trade with a cured zombie villager in Minecraft, but you can also trade at a discounted rate, making curing a zombie villager worth your time.

Trading in minecraft

Now that you know how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft, why not give it a try? Many of the items they sell at a discounted rate can be a great way to make things a little easier when starting out in Minecraft.

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