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How to Buy a House in New World

by Kegan Mooney
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We’ve already covered how to make money in New World, but now you’re on your way to maxing out your money cap, what’s the first logical step to spending your hard-earned money, a new house of course.

What level do you need to be to buy a house in New World?

To buy a house in New World, you must first reach level 15, but this alone isn’t enough to get you your first dream home, as you will also need to make sure you have the correct standing with the territory in which you plan to purchase your home.

In most cases you are able to purchase houses with standing between 10 to 15 in the territory in which the house you want to buy resides in, each house will require its own unique territory level to unlock the option to purchase it.

buy a House in New World

Once you have reached the correct standing, you can approach the front door or front gate, this will open up the option to purchase the property.

Before rushing into buying a house, make sure to check around, not only in the settlement you are in but in some of the other ones too, there are lots of different designs, some with more rooms and floors than others, so make sure to purchase one with the most house for money.

How to increase your territory standing in New World

If you get stuck on trying to increase your territory standing so that you can buy a new house in New World, make sure to head out to the town projects board.

The town projects board offers you unique quests that will help to improve your standing with that territory quicker than any other method, and you can do multiple quests per day.

New World Territory XP

You will also increase your standing with the territory by going out and simply killing dangerous wildlife and enemies within the area, it might not be a huge amount, but it does all add up quickly.

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