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Halo Infinite Developers Warn Players Not to Use Quick Resume

by Kegan Mooney

Only a few hours after its release 343, the development company behind the Halo series has issued a warning to players, not to use quick resume when playing the campaign.

The problem lies in issues with the quick resume feature, which seems to have issues keeping online games connected when using the feature.

Halo Infinite‘s campaign features lockers across the Halo, that gives the player new cosmetics that can be used in the online multiplayer side of the game.

The issue is with collecting these items when you are offline could result in them not registering and you not obtaining the cosmetic in multiplayer, meaning many players who have used quick resume might have missed out on cool cosmetics.

The team are aware of the issue and have stated that they are working towards a fix for the issue, and have even reassured gamers that they will get the items that they have lost, but in the meantime, urge players not to use the quick resume feature.

As soon as we hear more information about the resolution to this issue, we will be sure to update our readers, until then, if you plan to play multiplayer and care about cosmetics, make sure to close the game fully after each session.

How to Stop Quick Resume

To stop the game loading from quick resume, press the Xbox button in the middle of your controller and head on over to my games and apps.

You will then see a quick resume tab, which will show all the games that are currently ready to quick resume, press the menu button while on Halo Infinite and you will see the option to remove from quick resume.

Until the developers come up with a fix, you will need to do this every single time you play, to make sure that you do not load from the temporary save file of the quick resume feature.

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