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GTA 6 Rumors, When Is GTA 6 Coming Out?

by Kegan Mooney

It has been an exciting week for fans of Grand Theft Auto, with rumors of a potential GTA 6 coming from social media accounts of Rockstar employees.

While we haven’t had confirmation or a GTA 6 release date yet, there are enough clues out there to start thinking these rumors might actually have some merit.

Late last week the Rockstar music manager shared the post pictured below to his Facebook story, in which they also tagged their employer, Rockstar Games.

While this doesn’t prove anything, as many social commenters have pointed out, why would you tag your work into a personal post?

GTA 6 Release date

The picture shows South Beach Miami, which is a very popular tourist destination, which makes it harder to know for sure, is this a subtle reveal, or simply a Rockstar employee on holiday.

Could the new GTA 6 map be based on Miami?

It’s no secret that Vice City was based in Miami, and there have already been rumors that a new GTA 6 map would be a modern take on Vice City.

So it’s very possible that this wasn’t a vacation, but instead a company-funded trip for inspiration.

Fans are clearly desperate to see a new Grand Theft Auto game, as over the past couple of years we’ve seen numerous ‘leaks’ and rumors arise, with some even claiming to have leaked the new GTA 6 map.

Many of these previous leaks have been debunked by Rockstar Games, but this latest social media post feels much more like a solid hint, there may be an announcement soon.

Is GTA 5 Dead?

With all this hype around GTA 6, you may be wondering if GTA 5 is dead and if people are still playing GTA 5 online.

The game is still doing very well in 2021 with a very impressive number of players online for a game of its age now.

With the recent rumors of GTA 6, I can only imagine the number of players going back to GTA 5 while they wait for GTA 6 will go up, even more so if an official announcement follows.

Can we expect a GTA 6 release date soon?

While this is all speculation, I would say no, as there has been no official announcement and so far the hint we have had could show they are looking for inspiration to develop the game.

I would say this suggests the game is either in early development or even the planning stage.

The issue around these kinds of rumors is, I could be wrong, this could be a tease, and we could get a release next year, sadly until that announcement happens, it’s all just guesswork.

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