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Grounded’s Upcoming Major Update The Shroom and Doom Update

by Kegan Mooney
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Grounded has now been out for a year and until now had been receiving updates every month, however Obsidian recently announced they would be moving away from these monthly updates in favor of larger, less frequent updates, the first of these grounded updates is the upcoming Shroom and Doom update.

Check out the Grounded: Shroom & Doom update video trailer from Obsidian below.

When is the Grounded Shroom and Doom update being released?

The Grounded Shroom and Doom update is set to release at the end of the month, June 30th 2021 but if you really can’t wait to see what’s coming in the update, you can already join the public test version of the game, which allows players to jump onto the Doom and Gloom update now.

What’s new in Grounded’s Shroom and Doom update?

Many of the previous updates, excluding the pond update, just added a few minor fixes and a small amount of new content, as promised, Obsidian have added much more into the June update, which makes up for the lack of Grounded update for May.


Apparently sitting has been one of the most highly requested features for Grounded, personally I don’t particularly find this one to be that exciting, but if it keeps some people happy, then that’s great.

The Broodmother: Grounded Boss

If you thought the current spiders in Grounded are tough, the latest addition to the garden is the Broodmother, a giant spider that makes anything else you’ve fought till now seem like child play.

Once the Shroom and Doom update comes out players will be able to draw out the Broodmother by using a treat called the Broodmother BLT, but be prepared, an encounter with the Broodmother will not be easy to survive.

Once you defeat the Broodmother you will be able to loot the following items:

  • Broodmother Chunk
  • Broodmother Venom
  • Broodmother Fang
  • Web Fiber
Grounded shroom and doom poster

Pets Phase one

We have been expecting pets for some time and the new Shroom and Doom updates finally lets players tame their very own miniature pets, but for now, this is restricted to just Weevils and Aphids.

Now that the pet functionality is in the game, I imagine it’s only a matter of time before more are added, and we can start adding a wide range of garden insects to our bases as pets.

New Weapon: Crossbow

This is something I have been waiting for since the release of grounded, a more powerful ranged weapon. Of course, with this extra power, there are some drawbacks, such as a longer reload time, but when you’re out in a team hunting spiders, something with a little extra power could mean the difference between life and death.

New Buildings

If like me, you’re a builder in games, you will be excited about this one, as the name, Shroom and doom implies, the new update is heavily focused on mushrooms, this is because one of the new building materials is in-fact made from mushrooms.

Players can now make all the usual building items, which would normally be made with grass or stems, with mushroom bricks.

New Grass Buildings

Thanks to the upcoming curved and half walls, we will now be able to create some remarkably interesting base designs, with the following new buildings:

  • Half Wall
  • Curved Half Wall
  • Crenelated Half Wall
  • Crenelated Curved Half Wall
  • Curved Wall
  • Curved Door
  • Curved Palisade
  • Curved Palisade Door
  • Flat Roof (Clover)
  • Peaked Roof (Clover)
  • Peaked Dome Roof (Clover)
  • Ladybug (Stuffed Creature)
  • Stinkbug (Stuffed Creature)
  • Crow Feather Roofs
  • Clay Pillar
  • Stem Pillar
  • Pebblet Pillar
  • Mushroom Pillar

That’s a lot of new pieces in place, personally I cannot wait to get stuck into the Doom & shroom update to see what I can do to my base.

Grounded Shroom and Doom’s New Production Buildings

As well as new building structures to make you base look awesome, they are also adding some new production buildings too, which are going to add some cool new features to the game.

  • Oven
  • Grinder

The Oven

As you would expect, the oven works much like a campfire, allowing you to cook items, but with the oven, you can use more than one ingredient to make different recipes, much like the smoothies already in game.

The Grinder

The grinder will work much like the grinder in Ark Survival Evolved, allowing players to put items into it and grind them up for base components.


Achievements are something you would expect from any game available on the Xbox game pass, while I would have liked to have seen them from day one, at least they are finally here now.

At the moment it looks like there will be 20 Achievements added with the update, but there has been no indication as to whether there will be more added at a later date or not.

Other changes

There have also been some other smaller changes, such as two new mutations and some tweaks to the photo mode, which will also come out with the Shroom and Doom update.

One of these smaller updates, which I personally think is a great addition, BURG.L chips which have not yet been acquired will now show on the map, making finding them a little easier.

Check out Grounded’s latest update, the Hot and Hazy update, here.

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