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Green Hell Survival Guide

by Kegan Mooney

Green Hell is one of the most interesting survival games I have played for a long time now. Although, with its unique dietary requirements making survival that much harder, we’ve put together the best Green Hell tips and tricks guide to keep you alive.

1. Be Careful what you eat

To start our Green Hell guide, it’s important to monitor what you eat.

The jungle is surprisingly filled with food. Some of it is good for you, some of it will make you sick, but some ‘food’ will actually drive you mad if you eat it.

Just think logically, would you really want to eat a giant spider or a rotten banana? No, me neither, and nor should you in Green Hell, or it won’t take long before you start losing your mind.

Full list of food effects:

2. Don’t Sleep on the Ground

Next up in our Green Hell survival guide is where to sleep.

The jungle is full of nasties. While it might seem obvious that the ground isn’t the best place for a nap, sometimes you’ve just gotta sleep, but try and build a shelter first.

Sleeping on the ground in Green Hell increases the risk of having worms buried into your skin. These will burn through your sanity quickly, so make sure to hook them out as quickly as possible by crafting a bone needle.

3. New Items Unlock More Recepies

If you see something new in the jungle, make sure to pick it up. Everything new that goes into your inventory has the chance to help you unlock a new crafting recipe.

A great example of this is mud. I hadn’t personally thought to grab some mud from a river, but as soon as I did, I unlocked a ton of new building items to make a more secure base.

4. Use The Right Bandage

There are multiple ways to get hurt in Green Hell, and many of them will need their own remedies, as such, there are also multiple types of bandages you can create, each helping a certain type of wound.

  • Normal Bandage: Used to treat normal, unifected wounds
  • Tobacco Dressing: Used to treat venom
  • Honey Dressing: Helps with infected wounds
  • Lily Dressing: Also helps with venom

If you have a good size base, try to keep some of these plants growing, that way you will be able to make the correct bandage whenever they are needed.

5. Build Multiple Camps

You see a lot of people asking where are the best base locations in Green Hell, and many of the responses will lead to people sharing their favorite spot.

But Green Hell is focused on exploration, so don’t settle for any single spot, explore the map, and make small outposts or even big bases everywhere, this will make exploration safer, as you can go further, but always have somewhere safe nearby.

6. Wash Before Eating

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