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How to Build a Second Floor in Green Hell

by Kegan Mooney

Green Hell can be a tough survival experience, just staying alive and staying sane can be a challenge in itself. But even the building aspect of Green Hell can be difficult to get to grips with.

One of the first building items you get in-game uses either palm or banana leaves. While this is quicker and easier to build with, I learned the hard way that the floors will not support your weight.

For a second floor to be able to take your weight in Green Hell, you need to build it using mud bricks, which can be a slightly longer process.

How to make mud bricks in Green Hell

When you go to any water source, such as a river or lake, you are given two options; wash, or take mud. Taking some mud for the first time will open up some new building options for you.

Green hell mud mixer
Green Hell’s Mud Mixer

Once you have the recipes unlocked, you will want to make a mud mixer. From the mud building tab, select the mud mixer. This will allow you to mix the mud with campfire ash and make mud bricks:

  • Gather mud from a water source
  • Place in the mud mixer
  • Add water
  • Add Campfire Ash

Next, you will need to build some frames and then make walls, which will need to be filled with long sticks. Once the frames are built, you are now able to fill them in with mud walls.

Green Hell how to build a second floor with campfire ash

Once the frame is completed, you are able to make several types of mud floors on the top of the frame. These also include hatch floors, which will allow for ladder access to create a second floor in Green Hell.

It’s worth having several campfires burning at the same time, so you can make sure you have enough campfire ash to keep mixing enough mud to build your base.

You can even create a wall with a built-in oven. Building a couple of these, and keeping them lit, will give you a much more steady supply of campfire ash, enough to have more than one mud mixer at a time if you keep the fires burning.

Once you have your second floor built, the next thing to do is start building log beds, raised up off the ground, as this will help you with your sanity, and also ensure you don’t get worms.

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