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How to Remove Worms in Green Hell

by Kegan Mooney

The Amazon is a beautiful place. But among all that beauty, it’s filled with dangers, to the point that even sleeping in the wrong place can cause you to wake up with giant worms wriggling inside your arm.

The most common cause of worms in Green Hell is sleeping directly on the floor. Using a shelter or bed greatly reduces the risks of this happening, but how do you remove a worm in Green Hell, once you have one?

Having a worm will quickly deplete your sanity, so try and follow these steps as quickly as possible to get it out.

How do you know if you have a worm in Green Hell?

Above your health and stamina, you will see a magnifying glass icon. This indicates that something is wrong with you, and can be a sign of leeches or worms.

Visually inspecting your body, you will notice a big circle, as shown in the picture below. You will also notice movement in this, which helps identify it as a worm.

green hell worms

How to remove a worm in Green Hell

First, you will need to make sure you have a spare bone. If you do not, then you will need to kill something to obtain bones or find a dead body or carcass. You only need a single bone, per worm.

harvest bone to make bone needle in green hell

Once you have one bone per worm, harvest the bone to make a bone needle. This can then be used to pick the worm out of your body.

To remove the worm, inspect your body and locate the worm. Then, simply drag the bone needle to the circle covering the worm, this will pull the worm out and leave you with a hole where the worm was.

remove worm in green hell with bone needle

Now that you have removed the worm, you need to heal the damage done to your body. To do that, you will need to craft a bandage and put it over the hole where the worm used to be.

If you haven’t yet made bandages, look for the plant with yellow flowers. Cut them, preferably with a knife, and this will give you Molineria Leaf that can be crafted into bandages.

green hell remove worm then bandage with molineria leaf

You should be fully healed from the worm now, so try and steer away from sleeping on the floor anymore.

The only thing left to do now is to try and recover your sanity that has been lost through this ordeal. You can recover sanity in Green Hell by eating better foods, sleeping in more comfortable beds off the floor, and generally looking after your health in-game.

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